Review: The Sweetest Burn by Jeaniene Frost

Reviewed by Jen

I read the first book in this series, but when I picked up this second installment in the Broken Destiny trilogy, I could not remember a single thing that happened. That’s what happens when a publisher takes a three years pause between books. Even as I continued to read here, very few of the details came back to me. The good news is, Jeanine Frost does such a great job of filling in the blanks, even a brand new reader could jump into this book and understand what’s going on.

The biggest things you need to know are as follows: Ivy and Adrian are destined for tragedy. She is the last Davidian. He’s the last in their long line of betrayers. And betray her he did in book 1. Now he wants to make amends. The two of them are in love, but Ivy doesn’t trust him not to fulfill his destiny again. Meanwhile, Adrian will do anything to win her back.

Just as Ivy had to recover a lost holy artifact in The Beautiful Ashes, so too does she have to do it here. Now she is searching for the staff of Moses to seal the growing rifts between our world and the demonic one. And to do it, she takes an around the world road trip with Adrian, his BFF, her sister, and her pet gargoyle.

I’m pretty sure this series was marketed as New Adult, and I guess it is, in that the heroine is only 21 and a virgin at the beginning of the book. She’s also a bit immature as she faces some nearly impossible circumstances. Like how she deals with and thinks about the angel Zach. Or her actions that seem impetuous. But youth aside, she’s an ok heroine. She tries to do the right thing, and it’s hard to fault her for falling for Adrian when he’s just so delicious.

The book moves fast and it’s easy reading. The world-building is solid and the action sequences are entertaining and plentiful. As for the romance, it definitely moves to the next level here. It actually takes a turbo jump. Which primes the story perfectly for the ending. It’s not surprising, because destiny is what it is. But it made sense and it was in keeping with everything we knew about the characters.

I will definitely read book 3 to see how it all ends. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait that long. I’m looking forward to more of Frost’s super sexy scenes and good one liners. (Favorite quote: I found the staff. And it is mighty. — You’re damn right it is.)

Rating: B

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The Sweetest Burn
by Jeaniene Frost
Release Date: June 27, 2017
Publisher: Harlequin


  1. I think that this series being marketed as New Adult kept me from snatching up the first book. It sounds like it may be worth picking up anyway. It drives me nuts when the heroines are too immature and make wild, stupid decisions. Thanks for the review!

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