Review: Until the Sun Sets by Tara Wyatt

Reviewed by Elle

Dean is a bit of a man whore. So when his cousin decides to get married in a Mexico, they’re understandably concerned about him causing trouble with the bridesmaids. To keep him in check, they ask him to not only behave, but to bring a date.

Carly and Dean have worked together for a long time and are firmly in the friend zone. A week hanging out in Mexico with her friend sounds like a good time, so she agrees to be Dean’s date for the wedding.

But to Carly’s horror, one of the wedding guests is her ex boyfriend and the woman he left her for. Not wanting her ex’s condescending pity, She let’s them believe she and Dean are together. To keep his family off his back, Dean is willing to go along with the scam.

But when pretending becomes something more, Carly and Dean find themselves in the middle of a hot and steamy summer fling.

And it’s fabulous.

At first I thought the reasons for Dean to bring a date seemed ridiculous, but the author does a great job of giving him believable motivations for agreeing. Dean is super hot, sweet and a little bit goofy. He’s also broken from the death of his mother and completely unwilling to commit.

Carly is adorable and funny and looking for ‘the one’. I loved how goofy she was and together, they are just a great couple I couldn’t get enough of.

The story moves quickly and there’s a lot packed into a 100 page novella. Every scene had a purpose and moved the story along nicely, so it ended up feeling like a full length novel. Which was great, because I didn’t want it to end!

If you like your characters sweet and a bit goofy, and your romance steamy, this is a great read! I’ll be looking for more from this author in future!

It should also be noted that this is book 3 in a series but I didn’t read either of the first two and had no problems. It completely stands alone- though it was so good I do wish I’d started at the beginning!

Rating: A-.

*ARC provided by the publisher

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Until the Sun Sets
by Tara Wyatt
Release Date: July 11, 2017
Publisher: St. Martins Swerve


  1. oh I defiintely need more fun and goofy characters in a romance, so I definitely will be looking this one up. Lovely review you have here.

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