Review: A Rake’s Guide to Seduction by Caroline Linden

Reviewed by Jen

Generally I am a fan of all things Caroline Linden, but this re-issue from nine years ago is not one of my favorites from her. It’s sort of a second chance at love story, except the hero and heroine never really made it to the “love” stage the first time around.

Linden introduces us to Celia and Anthony four years prior to the main events of the story. She is a debutante in her first season and he is the disreputable friend of her older brother. Everyone knows that Anthony is a rake of the first order, and a gambler too. The gossip sheets report on him constantly, but Celia remembers the boy he was as she was growing up and isn’t so quick to judge him on his reputation. He is taken by the way she sees him, but he is too late when he asks her brother to court her. She has already accepted another man’s proposal.

We basically spend one chapter of the book with diary entries from Celia detailing her unfortunate first marriage, which ends in her first husband’s death. The crux of this story is her mother’s attempt to bring her back into society after her morning. And Anthony’s inability to stop himself from falling for her all over again.

The love story is easy, which is one of the things I always like about Linden romances. But I was tempted to put down the book in that depressing chapter about Celia’s first marriage. After that, it was really a slow build for me. The romance did not take off quickly, and frankly Celia, was a very unhappy person. While it is nice to see her evolution back into a happy and functioning young woman, a lot of this book felt kind of like a downer for me.

It was nice how Anthony saw Celia as something special, but he wasn’t much happier than she was. People constantly thought the worst of him, insulted him. And he just took it. She was the widow, but neither of them is really in a good place.

When she finally does realize what’s in front of her, I thought things sped up really quickly, at least in the physical department. Maybe that’s because she’s a widow and not a blushing virgin. But still…

I don’t know. I guess the pacing was just uneven and there wasn’t enough feel good until the very end. It wasn’t bad. But I have read many of her books that I enjoyed much more.

Rating: C+

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A Rake’s Guide to Seduction
by Caroline Linden
Original Release Date: June 1, 2008
ReRelease Date: August 29, 2017
Publisher: Zebra

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