Review: Blurred Lines by Lauren Layne

Reviewed by Joanna

Parker and Ben have been roommates and best friends since freshman year at college. They are walking proof that men and women can be the closest of friends without winding up sleeping with each other. Ben doesn’t want a girlfriend, enjoying serial one-night stands, and Parker has a long term boyfriend in Lance. Until she doesn’t.

When Parker’s relationship ends, she’s a little bit upset, but it’s more the realization she hasn’t had sex in two months that gets her jumpy. So makes a proposal to her housemate Ben – no strings attached sex for as long as they both find it fun. Nothing can go wrong with that, right?

These two share banter like siblings, but when they hit the sheets, they like what they find. Then they’re like a regular couple – living together, traveling to work and socializing together, and going home to have hot sex each night.

But Parker is just practicing. Ben can never be a real boyfriend, can he? He’s never shown the slightest indication that he wants that. When feelings happen, as of course they do, there’s no chance their friendship will survive intact.

This was a confusing book for me, in that I liked Ben a lot as he was sweet and very laid back, and Parker was okay, but their lives and jobs were kinda boring. The setting – Portland, Oregon, did nothing for me. It seemed the recycling rates were the most interesting thing about this locale, and I’m positive in real life it’s probably beautiful and fascinating. Parker did presentations in work and Ben had something to do with online golf promotions. I just finished this book and couldn’t tell you more about that as it didn’t stick.

The falling in love should therefore have pulled me through, but the couple already loved one another, so adding sex into the mix while they were actively not wanting to be a couple kinda killed the building tension.

There were none of those oh-yes chest pains, even during a lovely scene where love started to dominate the sex. I checked my Kindle for highlighted text before I wrote this review, and I didn’t make a single one. Nothing moved me. That’s highly unusual for me.

Then the conclusion was drawn out forever with false horizons and uncomfortable set ups where they were both seeing other people.

The story is very well written, and other people seem to have really enjoyed it, so I’m going to chalk this one up as just not being for me.

Rating: C-

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Blurred Lines
by Lauren Layne
Release Date: August 25, 2015
Publisher: Loveswept

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