Review: Seized by Seduction by Brenda Jackson

Reviewed by Shelly

This, book 2 of Brenda Jackson’s ‘The Protectors’ series is so much better than book 1. The writing is better, more fluid and the dialogue actually uses contractions – thanks for that. I still think there’re some word choices that puts pretentious on an entire new level, but overall – way better.

I liked Quasar a whole lot better than I liked Lamar ‘Striker’ from the first book. There’s a significant amount of interaction between the three friends and co-workers. I think it would be okay to read as a stand alone, but you might be a little confused about who’s who. There’s quite a bit of that. I think the Fuller family might have been in another series because of the dynamics and plethora of members, but to be honest I don’t know nor did I research it. But just know that there’s a lot of people on Randi’s side of the family – a lot and they were not in book one.

This book, like its predecessor, follows the same basic formula. Quasar is a bodyguard working for Summers Security Firm. Randi Fuller who was in the first book returns as his love interest. She’s the psychic investigator that is used by the FBI and other law-enforcement agencies to help them solve crimes. She’s actually a very likable heroine; even coming from money she’s down to earth, humble, and willing to help. One of the things I like best about her was her treatment of the law-enforcement officers who were skeptical of her skill. She didn’t take it personally.

As with a lot of Jackson’s heroines, she is still quite young and she’s already gone through undergrad, grad school and she has her doctorate all while still in her 20’s. For a lot of people this is doable, but the stretch comes with the successful career. It’s quite a stretch. But even with that, Randi is still very likable.

Quasar is a handsome, well-equipped, knowledgeable, and very handsome (I might have already said that) guy. After meeting Randi a few months prior during a case with Striker and Margo, Quasar has never forgotten her. She randomly enters his thoughts but nothing too serious. It’s not until he goes to California for a benefit that he’s reunited with Randi. From there, things sparkle.

One of Randy’s old cases was never fully solved because they never found the bad guy; that’s going to crop up later. Part of Randi’s reason for being in CA is to help the local FBI with a gang related death. They need help and they need it now. During her initial time helping the agents, things happen and she ends up needing a bodyguard to protect her. Quasar has a home in Malibu that he’s able to use as basically a safe house to protect Randi.

A little attraction, a little kissing, a little flirting and little of this and a little of that and Randi and Quasar ending up doing the do. That’s kind of one of my pet peeves with these kinds of stories. I’m not sure how sex comes into play when you are literally running for your life. But I digress.

Even with that in the plotline I still ended up liking Randi and Quasar. I thought the action in this was 180° better than in book one. I thought it was excellent that Randi was actually willing to defend herself and not depend completely on her bodyguard. To me that made her a much stronger heroine.

Quasar’s family dynamics kind of threw me for a little bit. I didn’t expect him to be such a victim of the daddy issues and oh my goodness it was excessive. And what sucked even more, I really was disappointed in the resolution with his father. I expected more.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B

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Seized by Seduction
by Brenda Jackson
Release Date: April 25, 2017
Publisher: Harlequin Books

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