Review: The Baby by S. Doyle

Reviewed by Joanna

This novella is the fourth in The Bride series, and Ellie and Jake are still going strong. You can guess from the title what this latest insight into their lives and relationship tackles. So if you like seeing the HEA from your romance novels turn into babies and happy families, this will be a treat for you. But it isn’t an easy journey for Ellie and Jake, which is par for the course for them.

Our young couple, living on their ranch in Montana, grew up together, with their fathers owning neighboring land. Events left them both parentless, and sixteen-year-old Ellie was about to lose her ranch and be taken into care. Older Jake stepped in and they married – in name only – to enable her to keep her home. If you want to know how an arranged marriage turned into a real one, go and start this series here.

As the title indicates, our lovebirds finds themselves pregnant in this book. For reasons relating to book three, this is very hard for Ellie, and she at first finds it difficult to tell Jake, and then second does something he finds hard to forgive. But the poor woman is in crazy panic-mode so is entirely relatable.

Because of their history with…

Spoiler! Having a previous miscarriage.

…Ellie is a mess. She’s twenty-three now and is such a confident and interesting woman. I love the way she interacts with people, with an open heart and a need to feel happy. The affectionate and sometimes fiery love between her and cowboy Jake was what appealed to me about these stories.

This is a dual-perspective telling, as is standard now, and they are such distinct characters. I like them both so much. I like the way Ellie rates how good her day has been with her scale with ten disks on it. I like how Jake is slightly grumpy, like when he’s complaining about Ellie’s shoes always tripping him up, but he’s completely and utterly hers. Such a good, steady and honorable (and sexy) man.

I love how they love each other.

They joke about sex, and Ellie teases the slightly prudish Jake no end, but her pregnancy leads to a sex-drought situation which neither of them is happy about. Never fear, our happy couple get back to it soon enough.

If I’m going to be grumpy about the book, well, it ended too soon. I wanted a little bit more (if you read it you’ll know what I mean), but there’s another couple lined up to take on the story.

Cody, the son of their ranch hand, is an ex-rodeo rider, and he’s about to have his world turned upside down by an unexpected visitor who’s related to Jake. I’ll be hopping right on their book when it comes in September.

Rating: A

*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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The Baby
by S Doyle
Release Date: July 27, 2017


  1. oh this book sounds fantastic and I love seeing a couple like how you described these two.

    Will need to grab up these books.

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