Review: Walk of Shame by Lauren Layne

Reviewed by Joanna

A friend recommended this to me as a lighthearted and fun romance, and just occasionally I like to put down the angst and enjoy a little sweetness. Georgiana Watkins is a party girl and socialite. Her family is moneyed so she wants for nothing and has never worked, unless you consider the tiring strain of bringing home doughnuts for the concierge at her building at 5am every day when she’s done with clubbing.

There’s little to her life apart from having fun, dressing up prettily and being good natured. You’d think the author would be setting her up to be despised, wouldn’t you? Well, she isn’t. And what’s more, I liked Georgie. She’s friend to everyone and though she doesn’t add much value to the world otherwise, she’s happy with her lot.

Or you might consider her to be ridiculous, as Andrew Mulroney Esquire does. He lives in the same Manhattan apartment building, and as Georgie’s going home each day, he’s getting up and heading out. Andrew is a top NYC divorce lawyer. He enjoys protein shakes and early morning work outs, and he has no tolerance for empty headed people like Georgie.

He had no use for pampered princesses who shopped during the days and partied their nights away. And yet there was an irritating kindness to her—a warmth that she bestowed upon everyone who crossed her path. Except for him.

And yet they keep running into one another, even if the other is a little late.

What the hell was up with him? Since when did he care how Georgiana Watkins spent her time? And since when did her morning appearances seem so vital to his very existence?

This book is as coated in sugar as those doughnuts are. Georgie’s charmed life, and Andrew’s rigid ways, clash nicely, and they spark off one another in a flirty whirl. Their route to love is relatively easy, with a few tears to add drama but no big deal events.

Saying that, I still had a nice amount of chest ache from wanting them to work things out. Particularly when Georgie was hurting or Andrew was trying to understand what it was he was feeling.

Andrew wasn’t hard nosed; he was simply unaware of his capacity to love. His job didn’t help with that. But he was a sweetheart under the grey suits, and I liked his solemn almost-smiles. Georgie was full of the joys of love, and they just needed to work it out.

The supporting cast were only there to see the plot along, but they played their roles nicely. See Marley, Georgie’s best friend:

Marley and I exchange a what the hell look without actually looking at each other. As best friends do.

Yes – it’s written in first person present for Georgie, and third person past for Andrew, but it only jarred for a little while and then I got used to it.

The tale is chock full of expensive label names, sparkling social events, and glitz. The breeziness made me want to read more by this author, and though this is part of a series, I had no idea before so can say it works well as standalone quite easily.

Rating: B

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Walk of Shame
by Lauren Layne
Release Date: April 18, 2017
Publisher: Loveswept


  1. I love this review!! You captured all my feelings (some I didn’t even realize I was feeling or couldn’t explain simply) about this book perfectly. I enjoyed it a lot. Also, I read mostly ebooks so covers aren’t a big deal to me, but I kinda like this one. I think the characters are captured well. Normally I’d be turned off by a similar style (it looks like a movie poster,) but it weirdly worked

    • Thanks Mara! And I agree about the cover – it looks very much like a romcom, which I could imagine the book being converted to very easily.

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