Review: Wicked Intentions by JT Geissinger

Reviewed by Joanna

This book is just so slick, it slid into my hands when I wanted to read it, and so heartfelt I didn’t let it go. The Wicked Games series is hot stuff. Alpha heroes and seriously skilled heroines abound.

In this standalone tale, Mariana is an internationally renowned thief. She’s on a tropical island in the Caribbean to steal a valuable necklace, and needs access to a hotel guest’s bedroom in order to get the job done. Easy – she just needs to seduce and dope the mark and get on her way. The problem is, she doesn’t expect the all-American blond to have quite such a devastating effect on her.

Ryan McLean is a merc. He carries out rescue missions and is hot stuff at his job. He’s also utterly taken with the femme fatale sitting at the bar in the hotel he’s staying at following a friend’s wedding. He propositions Mariana, who gives her name as Angeline, and though they only have one night before they both leave, Ryan can feel something significant happening between them. He’s an arrogant and super confident guy, but funny too. And he knows what he wants. However, after they have hot sex and ‘Angel’ needs to get her job done? He isn’t laughing so much as she knocks him out.

OMG this couple! They’d known each other for a few short hours, but the dialogue was sparking and the chemistry was through the roof. I’d normally worry about instalove, by Geissinger is an expert with feelings, and I was swooning hard for these two. Ryan sees right through Mariana’s layers, and he forces her to drop her guard. When she does, entirely against her modus operandi, a connection is forged between them.

But Mariana is working for a reason, and she can’t stop just because of some guy. No matter what she feels for him. Ryan had his work cut out to catch his thief.

Luckily the boy knows how to work hard. When Mariana goes on her next job – awesome skills in a nail-biting scene where she has to steal a famous jewel – Ryan is one step ahead of her. He is determined to somehow get her into his life, and he wants to help her get out of the trouble she’s in.

Every time they meet they clash and smash together like those mountains that fight in the Hobbit series. Reading them going at it was sensational. The whip smart plot sparkles and dances along at a never-stopping pace.

The story is glossy, with diamonds, couture and evil criminal lords. The love is big and the chemistry so so hot.

Go, read this clever story.

Rating: A

*ARC provided in exchange for a fair review

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Wicked Intentions
by JT Geissinger
Release Date: July 11, 2017
Publisher: Jack’s House Publishing


  1. Oh I do admire a fabulous chemistry and dialogue!! Glad to see that this was a winner. Lovely review.

    Happy reading.

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