Review: On The Chase by Katie Ruggle

Reviewed by Joanna

We’re back in Monroe as the small town beds down for winter, with a new runaway resident taking her pick from the plethora of hot cops. Kaylee is our heroine, and she witnesses something she shouldn’t at her too-good boyfriend’s creepy uncle’s house. Kaylee flees with the assistance of Mr. Espina who helped the family in book one to safety, and she finds herself at their door.

Problem is, Jules, the elder sister of the family in hiding, is dating a local cop. When he shows up at the safe house one day so does another of his cop friends. Hugh got shot in book one, so he’s been forced into taking time off and it’s driving him crazy.

He and his canine partner, Lexi, are out looking for trouble when he first meets Kaylee, who’s now going under the name of Grace.

Hugh doesn’t believe a single word the new girl in town says about her name and background, and he calls her on it. Kaylee is more than happy to call him out himself for his nosy questioning, and pretty soon their flirting is off the scale.

I like this author a lot, and her sweet and slow burn romances have been a safe place for me, with reliable, good people overcoming the bad guys on route to finding their HEA. This book wasn’t any different, but it didn’t hold my attention like the Search and Rescue series did.

I enjoyed the start, but got a little bored three quarters of the way in, and put the book down for a few weeks. I came back to conclude the story and get that HEA, but I skimmed a fair amount of action scenes.

I’m not sure what’s different, as the ingredients are the same, but this series isn’t grabbing me as I want it to. The guys are either gruff or jocular, and always hot, but the action and the threat is of less interest, and I wanted more character development, and more time building the relationship.

I’ll still read this author, but maybe not the rest of this series.

Rating: C

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On The Chase
by Katie Ruggle
Release Date: September 5, 2017
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

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