Review: After the End by Katie Ruggle

Reviewed by Joanna

This is a short catch up with the four couples of the Search and Rescue series (which I loved). It also launches the new Rocky Mountain K9 Unit series. You know, I think more authors should do this. I just adored seeing a little glimpse of the futures for these lovely people, alongside a mini adventure for each.

Each of the four ‘seasons’ (chapters) is told from the male main character’s point of view, which is nice as you get to see just how in love, dedicated and content each is with his lady love.

We start with Winter and Callum, who is happy adoring Lou. He’s nervous, and about to ask Lou a *very* important question, but their radio goes off and they get called out on an ice dive call. The question has to wait while three silly people are rescued from the frozen reservoir. I don’t get why anyone would walk out on a frozen body of water. *Shakes my head.* Anyway, this little bit of drama keeps us waiting for the big moment, but it’s sweet when it comes.

Spring is next, with the two guns n’ motorbikes lovelies Ian and Rory. They have a slightly more advanced deal going on, but have to attend to a fire first of all. Their HEA is appropriate and so cute.

Next up is Summer, and it’s George and Ellie. This was my favourite segment, just as George was my favourite hero. He’s the strong and silent (and virginial, remember?) mountain man, bewitched by the chatty city girl that is Ellie. Their piece of future news is paused while a dog rescue occurs. Ah, who doesn’t love puppies being snatched from the jaws of a nasty fate? I smiled big at the shenanigans here.

Fall is Chris and Daisy. Daisy was a shut in, you might recall, and her adventure with deputy Chris involves being out in the big wide world. And those puppies might well feature again. They also meet a grumpy but handsome and broad chested cop. Introducing Theo, hero of the first book in the new series.

We then go on to get a whopping ten chapters of the new series book one – more than half of the space this novella takes up on my kindle. I’ve already read the start of the new series so was kinda bummed the novella ended so soon, but it was only because I was having so much fun.

Rating: B for a super cute catch up

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After the End
by Katie Ruggle
Release Date: April 24, 2017
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

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