Review: Chasing Ava by Siera London

Reviewed by Shelly

This is a new to me author and the first of Siera London’s ‘Bachelor’s of Shell Cove’ series. I read this because I’m always on the look out for good/decent IR stories and the description of this was good. There were too many distracting things for this to be any more than meh and it could have all been fixed with tighter editing.

Ava Walters started out as a promising heroine. She’s a pediatric RN as the local hospital, Shell Cove Medical Center (SCMC). Her dream for both career and personal life is to become an Naval nurse and travel. She’s not quite there yet but it’s in the works as she’s already submitted her application to join the Navy.

Logan Masters is one of the pediatric surgeons on staff at SCMC. His dream of being on the board at the hospital is almost a reality. He and Ava have danced around each other at the hospital for a while (I’m not really sure how long they’ve worked together). During a fundraiser they literally see each other from across the room – this happened during a time of need for Ava but it was still across the room kind of thing. Once Logan rescues Ava from a rather precarious position, the two, it’s really more Logan than Ava, start the dance of courtship.

These are two of the most frustrating main characters I’ve read. Ava’s history focuses on a couple things. She has a previous boyfriend who took liberties that weren’t his to take and she allowed that. And she’s got the Navy thing that’s a complete secret to anyone but the ‘have to know’ folks. Interestingly, the author seemed to focus on both and it made Ava seem juvenile and slightly on the brink of ‘are you kidding me with that?’. And then there’s the thing with the director of operations who was giving Ava’s a hard time.

Logan. What can I say about this hero? He had potential as an alpha. He had the temperament, but after a while, London’s characterization of him turned him into the exact opposite. The way Logan went after Ava was completely promising and there was so much potential there for him to be not just a hero but Ava’s hero but it was all for not. Logan has his own past, speaking of – that was never resolved, that drove a lot of his personality. I can’t say I think he treated Ava poorly because Logan always had her best interest at heart. The thing about Ava was that – she’s a liar, even it’s by omission, she lied to Logan, her best friend Lina and her entire family.

Like I said, even with my issues with Logan and Ava this story had potential. What I disliked was the repetition of hurt feelings. Ava was always fearful of rejection. Always. This was repeated so much it got tiresome and nerve-wrackingly silly. The amount of times these two fought in the 2 months made me laugh and after a while I started guessing to see when Ava would walk away like she tended to do. What made it even extra special was when she walked away, her inner dialogue/thoughts was that Logan was rejecting her. The only thing wrong there is that Logan was either asking questions or trying to have a conversation. In the end, that’s forced conflict and doesn’t even make sense.

Last, someone needs to edit the syntax errors and the confusing dialogue/paragraphs in this. They’re too prevalent to not require attention.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: C

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Chasing Ava
by Siera London
Release Date: March 6, 2015

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