Review: Just One Touch by Maya Banks

Reviewed by Jaimie

As someone who is not a big fan of supernatural themed books, I must say that Maya Banks’ Slow Burn series is one of my absolute favorites. Both the hero and the heroine in each book in this series have been great and I always look forward to the next installment. In Just One Touch we get Isaac and Jenna’s story and this one did not disappoint! There were elements of sweetness – like the way Jenna knows nothing about the modern world, hotness, and of course the usual kick ass portion!

Isaac Washington is one of the original DSS members and we met him for the first time in Beau and Ari’s book In His Keeping. Quiet and fierce, his teammates know only that he is fiercely loyal and considers them his family. Outwardly he seems okay with his life revolving around his work only. That all changes one morning when he is walking back to his truck after getting coffee and doughnuts and notices that someone is trying to steal it. Carefully creeping up he pulls his gun and prepares to apprehend some punk who is stealing his ride. What he finds instead, is the most beautiful woman he’s set his eyes on.

Jenna has been raised in a cult and was kept around simply because she has the ability to heal people and bring them back from the dead. The elders taught the other members that Jenna was evil and should be avoided at all costs, resulting in a very lonely, horrible upbringing. After the cult sells her to some ruthless men, she knows she must do everything in her power to escape. She somehow manages to get away and after making it into the city, she tries to steal Isaac’s truck. Just as he catches her, the men after her catch up to them and start shooting at Isaac so that she has no help. Isaac takes a bullet to the heart and lung and is seconds away from death.

Despite her overwhelming fear and the urge to flee, she cannot leave him there dying on the ground when he was trying to help her. Jenna immediately goes to work and heals all the damage done to Isaac’s body but by doing so, she’s left herself vulnerable. Although healed, it takes a few minutes for him to get his strength back so he quickly throws her the keys and tells her to go. She’s unsure how to drive but quickly takes off in the DSS truck. Isaac and his men track her down and after seeing her naiveté, her lack of knowledge of the modern world and her genuinely sweet disposition, they all vow to protect her at all costs.

There is plenty of action in this book. We find out quickly who it is that is after her so it’s not a mystery in that respect. But keeping her safe proves to be harder than the men anticipated! I’m not a believer in the whole meet and fall in love in a day thing, but in books, I can put that aside and just focus on the story. Isaac and Jenna are so sweet together and you can’t help but root for them.

While Jenna might be ignorant of the modern world, she is a strong, determined woman and she’s not content to sit back and let the men take all the risks. That’s one of the things I like most about this series. All of the women are badasses in their own right. They may have issues and baggage, but really – who doesn’t!

Overall, this was a great installment in the series. It has a hero and heroine you can get behind and cheer on, a kickass heroine and a story that keeps you reading. Once I started I couldn’t stop and there were some really sweet moments.

Next up is the story that I’ve been waiting for since I started the series, and chances are if you’ve been reading it too you’ve also been waiting for Tori and Dean! That one hits shelves in March 2018 and you can bet I will be reading it the day it comes out.

Rating: B+

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Just One Touch
by Maya Banks
Release Date: May 23, 2017
Publisher: Avon

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