Review: Once Bitten by Kalayna Price

Reviewed by Jen

The only thing that sucks more than a book I can’t finish is a book I can’t finish from an author I like.

I adore the Alex Craft series by Kalayna Price, so I was excited to see that she had backlist books I could dive into and roll around in. Then I started reading. Not only did I not connect to this book, I actively disliked it.

The story follows a cat-shifter, Kita, who is on the run from her people. Female shifters aren’t supposed to go into the human world, but she’s been hiding out for the past several years. Hunters of her own kind are tracking her to bring her back. She’s trying to evade them when she gets drugged at a rave and inadvertently turned into a vampire. Shortly after, a mysterious judge appears and finds her guilty of turning humans into shifters and only spares her life on the promise she’ll find the real perpetrator within the next few days. She sets off to do that with Nathaniel, the vampire who turned her, Bobby, her married ex-boyfriend shifter, and Gil, an “observer” and student of magic.

I had so many problems here. The world-building is murky. The dialogue is stilted and used for info-dumps. We have to accept a lot of the happenings without rhyme or reason. (Like the judge accusing and sentencing her with no proof.) Gil feels like a random add-on. Worst of all, I didn’t like Kita, who is immature and argumentative, and I absolutely loathed that the men called her Kitten.

I tried so hard to connect with this book, picking it up and setting it down several times. But life is just too short. If you want to read from this author, skip this series and try the Alex Craft books.


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Once Bitten
by Kalayna Price
Release Date: January 9, 2009
Publisher: Belle Bridge Books

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