Review: Royally Endowed by Emma Chase

Reviewed by Joanna

This is the third and last in this series of royal romances, and it’s the turn of the younger sister of book one’s heroine. Ellie Hammond isn’t royal, but she’s sister to a princess. Her options are wide open, but there’s only one guy for her: bodyguard, Logan St James.

Logan is twenty-two but lied about his age to get into the military at fifteen. He’s strong, fit and eagle eyed. He’s also fully aware that his seventeen-year-old charge has a crush on him, and is more than capable of keeping her safe while keeping his distance. Until he isn’t.

This can be read as standalone, but it would make more sense if you’ve read the first two in this series. There’s quite a lot of the lives of books’ one and two heroes and heroines dictating the plot of this story, e.g. royal babies and royal weddings. The location is split between the US, where Ellie lives and goes to college, and Wessco, the England/Scotland hybrid country where Logan (and the invented royal family) come from.

Ellie is a give-me-a-lemon-I’ll-make-lemonade type woman. She’s peppy and fun, and a foil to Logan’s seriousness and solidity. It takes them a while to get it together—years, in fact—all while Ellie matures and Logan falls deeper in love with her. He continues to deny her for reasons of age and incompatibility, but that can only last so long.

“My gaze darts down to his promised land, where his pants are just tight enough to confirm my suspicions—this bodyguard may have a service revolver in his pocket, but he’s got a magnum in his pants.”

She dates other people, and while we assume Logan does too, we don’t see much of that. There’s an inevitability to their love which I liked. He wouldn’t give in to her flirting as he’s employed by the prince, her brother-in-law, and wouldn’t break he trust he’s been given. Also there’s an element of Logan thinking he’s not good enough as he comes from a rough background of criminals, and he has to get over that.

“There are abilities I’m skilled at—familiar with—fighting and fucking, battles and weapons, sensing danger, and knowing how to keep those in my care safe from harm. But love . . . I’m ignorant of it. The word has never passed my lips, and the feeling is as alien to me as the sentiment.”

I liked how he was always there for her, and how she knew Logan would always catch her if she fell. There were many sweet moments between them, like how Logan made Ellie’s alcoholic father shape up to support her at her graduation, and how she went to Logan first to tell him of her exam successes. Lots of sugary sweetness.

When they finally get it together, it’s hot as they’ve both imagined it for so long. It’s five or so years into the story, and it cements the reality for them which had been pending forever.

The fuss and drama is relatively contrived and linked to Logan’s insecurities, and a bit of action comes from a somewhat random external source, but both are easily tackled and the ending was satisfying.

And thank you Ms Chase for not having one of those everyone-in-the-delivery-room scenes which drive me crazy. And no, I’m not telling you who had a baby. You’ll have to go read it yourself.

Rating: B

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Royally Endowed
by Emma Chase
Release Date: August 14, 2017

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