Review: Temporary by Sarina Bowen and Sarah Mayberry

Reviewed by Joanna

Don’t you just love a book where you’re cross when the story ends ‘cause you have to give the love up? Well I fell for Callan and Grace hard, and I’m sure you will too. Come with me to NYC, if you will.

Grace Kerrington needs to turn her temp job into a permanent one. She’s employed by an Australian company at their Manhattan base, but is late the one morning she’s given an opportunity to show her skills. Luckily they take a chance on her anyway, probably as no one else is available for the somewhat unusual job.

Via a video call, Victoria Walker, CEO, instructs Grace to take an inventory of all the valuables in her deceased brother’s NYC apartment. The man died unexpectedly leaving Ms. Walker as executor, but as she’s in Sydney she needs someone to get auctioneers in to value the artwork, rare books and stock of wine. It says a lot about Ms. Walker in how little interested she was in going to the apartment herself.

Grace is excited by the task and determined to do an amazing job. She doesn’t count on Ms. Walker’s thirty-one year old son showing up and getting under her feet.

Callan Walker is a hopeless playboy, but he loves his uncle as much as he despises his evil mother. He’s devastated by the death, and thinks he should be executor, knowing that his uncle wanted to leave his money to charity. There’s no way he’s going to let his mum and her corporate flunky get away with selling off his stuff like it didn’t mean anything.

The problems begin when he starts to like the corporate flunky, I mean Grace. But this competent lady had got a fifteen-year-old sister to support and it’s winter in one of the most expensive cities in the world. She can’t lose her job by siding with him over his estranged mother. The handsomest guy in the world isn’t enough to distract her from the task.

And handsome Callan is. Famously so. He’s used to women lapping up his attention so of course adores the fact that Grace isn’t into him.

It hit me that in another time and another place, I would pull out all the stops to get Grace Kerrington into bed. I’d make it a priority. Maybe even an obsession.

I’d charm her out of her suit and follow the blushes across her skin. I’d unlock the hedonist in her soul and go along for the ride.

He wasn’t quite the jerkiest guy I’d read but I didn’t warm to him at all at first. Then he grew on me. He was damaged by his mother’s attitude and behaviours, and is just the sort of person you want to find love, be happy and make something of himself.

I like the aspect of poor girl / rich boy, as Grace would never accept the easy ride of having a boyfriend look after her, but she cares for her sister and wants the best for her. They live pretty meanly so knowing Callan had previously been squandering cash was such a great set up.

Everyone ended with a nice neat purpose, and art and love triumphed which always makes me happy. A great collaboration from these two authors and I’m going to check out Mayberry’s back catalogue. I’ve already read pretty much everything Bowen has produced.

Rating: A-

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by Sarina Bowen and Sarah Mayberry
Release Date: September 12, 2017

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