Review: Legs by Kelly Siskind

Reviewed by Joanna

Rachel is a little bit lost. She careens from job to job with stints at university collecting diplomas, but she’s never quite found her calling. On a birthday night out with her girlfriends, they each make a secret wish, and Rachel decides to sort her life out. She also gets rather drunk, yells Pussy loudly in a gap in the music, and ends up going home with a hot bad boy she pursues to the next bar.

Enter Jimmy. Said bad boy is tattooed, pierced and rides a motorcycle. Oh mama. He is happy with one-night stands as he’s in a hiatus from life and can’t handle anything heavy. Two years ago, he became estranged from his family, got dumped by his fiancé and walked away from his career. Now he works in a bar and wallows in his pit of misery.

And he has the best sex of his life that night with Rachel.

Which is why it’s a horrible shock to him when he bumps into her again and she can’t remember a thing about it. Ooh that must be a dent to the leather-clad ego.

Rachel and Jimmy both enter a sommelier competition. His plan is to use the resulting job to get revenge on his family, hers is to start yet another new career. They’ve got wine in common, and they’ve got a night of passion that Jimmy decides to remind Rachel of by describing the different ways he gave her orgasms.

I liked Jimmy. He’s very masculine, but inside he’s all wounded soldier.

The contrast of his strong hands, the chunky ring on his middle finger, and the leather cuff as he swirled his glass was strangely sensual. Those hands would look downright brutish on my freckled skin.

Both he and Rachel had family issues they needed to fix before they could sort themselves out as a couple. Jimmy’s family sucks, and Rachel’s mother contributes to her daughter’s problems. Rachel’s friends were a hoot though. Like Siskind’s first series, this tight-knit group of ladies are lined up to get their HEAs.

Ainsley adjusted my skirt, smoothing out a side seam. “I saw online that a girl critiques dick pics. Like, breaks them down and analyzes the positives and negatives. You should do that. With our help, of course.” Gwen scrunched her nose. “I’m all for hot guy pics, but peen shots? Not sure.”

Overall I liked the characters, the pace was great and it is of course a HEA.

Rating: B+

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by Kelly Siskind
Release Date: September 27, 2017

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