Review: Catching Rebecca by Siera London

Reviewed by Shelly

I should have suspected that I wasn’t going to think this book was any better than its two predecessors.

Clue #1 – it took seven chapters to describe approximately 30 minutes of action. The joke of a wedding between Rebecca Lynn and Dick Ascot. The author will later use Dick’s name as an attempt at humor. Yes, this is a grown up book and not satirical.

Clue #2 – after Darwin ‘rescues’ Rebecca Lynn from her wedding getaway. She thought jumping from two floors up would not end in either death or broken bones. Genius. Darwin takes Rebecca Lynn back to his condo and within five minutes she’s used his cell phone (without permission) to look up another woman’s contact information to cancel a date with Darwin. Classy.

Clue #3 – even during her ‘real’ engagement to Dick, Rebecca Lynn had no qualms about having sex with Darwin. Interestingly, he’s the one who refused her. Fake or real, don’t sex up one person while you’re dating, engaged or married to another.

Clue #4 – Rebecca Lynn said that her 6 figure salary was not enough to live on and she couldn’t see herself living on Darwin’s salary as a self employed security ‘expert’ (TBH – I couldn’t see the self employed thing either because he wasn’t good at security) and his benefits from the military.

The third book in London’s ‘Bachelor’s of Shell Cove’ series is Darwin Master’s story. Darwin is the younger brother of Logan, from Chasing Ava – Book 1. I liked this book least of all three in the series. Make that a strong dislike.

The heroine is book smart – she’s a lawyer by trade but her common sense and actions are those of a teenage child. Her sense of entitlement was very strong and that’s not something I like either in fiction or non-fiction.

Rebecca Lynn’s 30 years old. She’s has a job. She’s engaged to 2 men – one engagement’s real, the other is not – yet here you are admitting that you still live at home and your father still pulls the purse strings. Last I checked, ours isn’t a culture that promotes or encourages living at home past high school much less into your 30s. There’s a scene when Rebecca Lynn’s father kicks her out of the guest house. I laughed. So. Hard. How are you independent? How is that independent when you literally depend on the graciousness of your hated father for food & lodging?

I’m not done.

I also had a problem with a teenage Rebecca Lynn graduating from a ‘Second Chance House’ that, from what I infer, is a home where at risk kids can go for help. Your father is rich. Why are you using services that are supposedly reserved for the poor? Go pay for a counselor with Daddy’s money.

Darwin was interchangeable with both of the heroes from the previous books. He’s just as weak and stuck on stupid as they are.

By the end of the story I’m not sure if it’s the author, unknowingly, writing a terribly vapid female character lead or if the character is supposed to be vapid. Either way Rebecca Lynn is unlikeable.

There was so much I couldn’t stand about Darwin and Rebecca Lynn that it over shadowed whatever what I considered a very weak plot. By the time this story got reasonably interesting with some bad guy action I didn’t care. Not about anyone.

Bonus: please stop using this phrase – “hammer a nail with the steel he packed…”. It was dumb the first time I read it and my opinion hasn’t changed.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: D-

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Catching Rebecca
by Siera London
Release Date: September 19, 2016
Publisher: Juno Waves PGM Press

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