Review: Claiming Janna by Siera London

Reviewed by Shelly

Gah! I’m so glad I’m done with this series. I wanted it to get better. I expected it to get better when I saw that the publisher change from book 2 to 3. But that’s not what I got. If anything, the plot in book 4 of London’s ‘Bachelor(s) of Shell Cove’ is basically a repetition of the first 3 books in the series. The hero seems to be the only one truly in love and the heroine came across as a fantastically unlikable shrew.

Janna and D Wright aka Dawson Wright aka Marine’s story picks up directly after the last book. Sisters Cassidy and Estrella have been kidnapped by the world’s worst bad buy – he’s a sorry excuse for a bad guy because he’s hooked on the drugs he’s supposed to be selling. Both Janna and Marine are part of the rescue troop. Why she’s rescuing people, I have no idea; she’s a nurse in the Navy. The Navy. She’s a nurse. Help me understand what assets she brings to that table.

Dawson and Janna have a history going back a few years. They’ve been having sex only for the past 2-3 years and Janna is fine with that. Actually, she wants nothing more from Dawson until one day she turns up pregnant. It’s a sex only relationship. She’s a registered nurse with many years of service and practicing medicine under her belt. She’s suddenly pregnant. Huh?!?! She’s a nurse!

Dawson’s been wanting to move past the sex only for a while now, but Janna’s being obstinate. One day he returns from a mission only to find out that Janna’s pregnant. He knows the child is his because well he knows Janna very well. Marriage is proposed. She protests with some really dumb excuses. I didn’t even care because the way she treated Dawson was as bad as Lina treated Gideon in book 2. Argh, I can’t stand that heroine, Lina, at all.

This was about an uneven a story as I’ve read in a long time which is partly why I didn’t like it. I didn’t like Janna nor Dawson, but I especially didn’t like how London jumped around in this one. The timeline stretches but the bad guy remains the same from book 1. We’ve gone through Ava and Logan – her enrollment in the Navy, her deployment. We’ve gone through Lina and Gideon’s marriage and trying to have a baby for ‘months’. We’ve gone through Rebecca Lynn and Darwin – that fiasco of a story line, their marriage, her job change. That’s four books with the same bad guy and there’s no progression in his capture. The author introduced a child in book 3 and decided that the bad guy wants the child for some child trafficking scenario. Make up your mind. For me, it’s now a waste of investment caring about anyone in this arc.

Then there’s the story of Janna’s grandmother, mother, father, brother, and the former prostitutes living in the house her grandmother owns. I don’t even understand why there had to be so much going on at once. And then there’s Janna treating Dawson like crap until that terribly predictable plot point towards the end. What disappointed me even more that Janna’s push and pull with Dawson was that he took it and kept coming back for seconds.

After this, I will forever dislike the nickname of ‘Nightingale’ in reference to nurses. And I will forever dislike the nickname of ‘Marine’ in reference to a Marine. I’m wondering why the editor didn’t make a case of why those are very lazy nicknames but then I’m also wondering why there were so many errors in this story. So so many.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: D-

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Claiming Janna
by Siera London
Release Date: August 15, 2017
Publisher: Juno Waves PGM Press


  1. This review cracked me up. I guess you’re giving up on any further books in this series!

    • Jen at Red Hot Books says:

      I can’t believe she kept reading as many as she did.

      She didn’t like any of them. I would’ve quit after the first one I didn’t like. Second at most. But third? That’s madness.

      • Shelly Browne says:

        I’m such a quitter when it comes to bad books. So this time, I said to myself – WWJD and here we are.

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