Review: Convincing Lina by Siera London

Reviewed by Shelly

The second book in Siera London’s ‘Bachelor’s of Shell Cove’ series is Lina James’s story. Lina’s the best friend to Ava Walters from Chasing Ava – Book 1. I liked book 1 better and I didn’t like that one all that much.

The storyline in this is similar to book 1, both of the main characters are in medical. Gideon, a former Marine, is now a psychiatrist at Shell Cove Medical Center and Lina is one of the psych nurses on staff. These two has a brief meeting of the lips in the first book and while I saw the potential of something special in their story, the telling didn’t work for me.

Lina is one of those heroines I don’t like. I didn’t really care for her in Ava’s story, but I hoped I would get to know her and magically like her. There’s so much of her that didn’t work for me that I’m still not over them as I write this. Lina’s kind of an in your face gal. She’s bold and usually obnoxious in her choices; her car, for instance – a purple Camaro with DIVA904 plates sitting on either 18 or 22 inch (I can’t remember which) tires. Too Barney-like for my taste. And don’t even get me started on BETAS (beat that a*s stick) that she kept at the front door. There were moments where I wanted to beat my own a*s for continuing to read this.

Gideon was a joke of a hero. He kissed Lina during a charity event and has ‘claimed’ her ever since. Of course, she’s not having any of that as she’s on a man-fast which has to do with the guy she was going out with 3 months prior. They were supposed to get married but he dumped her because of the size of her hips and the color of her skin. I didn’t understand that because Lina and her ex were going out for a year prior to the break-up. She didn’t change – her hips aren’t going anywhere and her skin color isn’t going change either so I was immediately skeptical of their break-up. But I digress.

Like Lina, Gideon rubbed me the wrong way the entire book. His liking of Lina made zero sense. I never saw what he saw in her. I never understood why he just had to have her all of a sudden. Their physical attraction stemmed around his six feet 5 inch frame and her 6 feet, wide hips and big butt, size 16 frame. So much of what I read just never appealed to me at all, too much focus on the physical. Then there’s his relationship with his family, especially his father. That was literally one of the dumbest things that didn’t make a lick of sense I’ve read this year.

At about 85% into the book, the author decided to bring in new characters to ante up the action. Why? Why would you do that with so little story left to go and then making it all go away in such a short time frame? Oh and that thing with Troy and Lina’s mother deserved a lot more attention that it got.

There was such similarity between the main characters in books 1 and 2, that the conclusion is the same.

Like I said, even with my issues with Logan-Gideon and Ava-Lina this story had potential. What I disliked was the repetition of hurt feelings. Ava Lina was always fearful of rejection. Always. This was repeated so much it got tiresome and nerve-wrackingly silly. The amount of times these two fought in a short time made me laugh, and after a while, I started guessing to see when Ava-Lina would walk away and verbally smack Gideon like she tended to do. In the end, that’s forced conflict and doesn’t even make sense lend well to a good story.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: D

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Convincing Lina
by Siera London
Release Date: August 27, 2015
Publisher: PGM Press


  1. This made me laugh out loud. The BETA stick is hilarious. We ought to get one each

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