Review: Dirty Boxing by Harper St George and Tara Wyatt

Reviewed by Elle

Jules and Nick had a hot fling for a few weeks in Chicago, but just as Nick began wanting more, Jules left without explanation.

A year later, Nick, an MMA fighter, has joined a new club and has his eye on the championship belt that will make his career. He thought he’d moved on from the intense feelings he’d developed for Jules during their short time together. That is, until he realises Jules is the new marketing manager, assigned to work on promoting the club. And to make matters worse? She’s the boss’s daughter.

Straight off the bat, the chemistry between these two is HOT. Steaming HOT. Cut the tension with a knife sort of hot. It’s not long before they’re getting it on, with little regard to where they are, or who might bust them. Even if that someone is Jules’s father who could ruin both their careers if he knew about their relationship.

But of course, there’s lingering hurt and lost trust over the Chicago incident. Nick is a complete sweetheart and so patient with Jules. I loved how into her he was. Jules is strong, but had a shitty childhood she needs to come to terms with before she can even begin to work out the mess she created when she left Nick in Chicago. Following along their journey was a complete delight from page one to the very end.

I was already a Tara Wyatt fan but Dirty Boxing propels me to fangirl, automatic one-click levels. I’ve never read any of Harper St George’s work prior to this but I certainly will be in future. Together, their writing was spot on, full of depth and emotion without any slow points. Dirty Boxing was incredibly hard to put down, and I’m excited that I have an ARC of book 2 that’s due out in 2 weeks! Highly recommend this one.

Rating: A

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Dirty Boxing
by Harper St. George & Tara Wyatt
Release Date: September 18, 2017
Publisher: Pocket Star

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