Review: Haunted Blade by JC Daniels

Reviewed by Jen

I was such a fan of the early books in this series, but the last Kit Colbana story was a bit of a train wreck. While this installment was head and shoulders above that one, it didn’t quite rise to the level I know these books are capable of.

I kind of expected this book to really bring Kit’s family and history to the forefront, and while it did advance that part of the story, it was not in the overt way I expected. Someone has orchestrated a master plan in the city to turn the supernatural community into chaos. The vampire houses are going nuts; it’s affecting the shifters. And it’s all tied somehow to a mysterious fae dude named Malcolm, who Kit is sure has ties to her grandmother.

Let me talk about what I liked first, because there were lots of good things going on here. First of all, the Kit and Damon love is going strong. This relationship is a great one and I enjoyed Damon staying front and center. I also really liked Doyle’s growth and that he is being incorporated more into Kit’s world. Big props for how many old characters make appearances… from Justin to TJ and more. But I think what worked best for me was how the author really evoked strong feelings from me as Kit faced some of her old demons. One of the things that has always been compelling about her character is how her broken pieces are never shied away from or ignored. They’re part of her and the only way she can get stronger is to meet them head-on. So big kudos there.

Unfortunately, there are still editing issues afoot. Not nearly to the degree as the last book, but at least a dozen or more mistakes jumped out at me. In the early books, I don’t think there were any at all. Another gripe: I know I said I liked the Damon and Kit relationship (and I do) but the two of them had a ton of throwaway sex here. By that, I mean they do it a lot, but the scenes are superficial. And finally, I found myself getting lost in some of the action. When the you-know-what hit the fan and all the violence was going down, I really didn’t completely understand what was happening. Maybe it was just me, but the action was unrelenting at one point… everyone was dying… and the characters were making all kinds of connections and I was just scratching my head, wondering what I was missing.

Despite my problems, I enjoyed the book as a whole. I am still very invested in Kit as a character. I want to see her break the chains of her past and to wipe the floor with her grandmother. And I want Damon by her side as she does it.

I will keep reading to see how it all ends.

Rating: B/B-

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Haunted Blade
by JC Daniels
Release Date: September 30, 2017

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