Review: Shadows by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Reviewed by Joanna

This is the prequel to Obsidian, a teen alien love/hate romance, and focuses on Dawson and Beth. In Obsidian, this couple is reportedly dead after being caught by the bad aliens. Here we get to see their love story and, more importantly, understand just why Daemon (the main Lux hero) is just such a douche.

Beth has moved to small town West Virginia with her parents and little brother. Her uncle also lives with them as he’s undergoing chemotherapy. As the new girl in school she’s understandably daunted by all the faces, but one in particular stands out. Particularly as there’s two of him. Dawson Black, sixteen, six-foot, black haired and green eyed, has an identical brother (Daemon), but Bethany can tell him apart by his smile.

He likes the look of her too, and they quickly progress to spending a lot of time together. Problem is aliens aren’t really meant to date humans. It’s not banned, but it is frowned upon, not only by the never-seen alien elders, but also by the Department of Defense. They monitor and control the aliens and have forbidden them to reveal their true bright-light selves to plain old human folk. Of course the couple pay no attention to this, and the anticipated ramifications apply.

Shock suspended time. Everything seemed surreal to him. He wasn’t in Bethany’s bedroom. He hadn’t exposed what he truly was. And this girl—this beautiful human he was falling for wasn’t staring at him like he was king freak.

Now this is a very similar story to Obsidian (new girl in town, alien-human compelling love, exactly the same looking boy), with one major difference—Dawson wanted to fall in love with Bethany. There was no precedent he knew of as to why this would be problematic. So I read all of this with Daemon in mind and his reaction to falling in love with Katy. It explains So Damn Much.

It was a sweet love story in its own right too, though repetitive as Daemon and Katy already did the alien reveal/heal, fight the Arum, brook disapproval, so this felt very familiar.

There were also a few additional bits of background about being an alien which I wanted to know. Not much, and I’m still holding out on some major explanations like how the aliens age, how a planet populated by people made of light worked. How they forged human bodies. Why kids who have no reason to hold to their parents’ long dead culture still act out aspects of it e.g. that women/girls should be coddled and lied to.

As always the writing was good, and I’m glad I read this as an information gap filler. I’m not convinced that I should have read this book in order to have understood and liked the first book better, but there it is.

Rating: B-

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by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Release Date: February 21, 2012
Publisher: Entangled Publishing


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