Review: Take To The Limit By Dawn Ryder

Reviewed by Jaimie

Take To The Limit is the fourth book in the Unbroken Heroes series by Dawn Ryder and once I started it I finished it in one shot. It wasn’t just Bram and Jaelyn that drew me in, we got to see more of their teammates, we got to visit with the couples from the earlier books, and I loved Jaelyn’s grandpa and sister too.

Bram Magnus is a hardcore military man, who has worked with Saxon and his team on a few occasions. When he isn’t officially offered a spot on their team he is set to head to Afghanistan for a six-month deployment. The day before he leaves, he goes to see his quasi-girlfriend LeeAnn but instead he finds her with another guy. He’s not even upset because, in reality, he knew she wasn’t the one. Her sister, on the other hand, is a totally different matter…

Jaelyn Sonders is the “nice” sister. She’s the one who takes care of her grandfather, cooks for everyone and makes sure the house is running smoothly. Her sister LeeAnn however, is more concerned with her appearance and her professional cheerleading career and takes advantage of her sister. One way Jaelyn is not the “good girl” is the wicked thoughts she’s having about her sister’s boyfriend Bram. She takes a chance and kisses him the night before he deploys and six months later she can still feel that kiss on her lips.

During his deployment, Bram wrote Jaelyn regularly, despite never hearing back from her, but thoughts of her kept him going. He had no way of knowing that LeeAnn had been taking Bram’s letters and not giving them to Jaelyn. When he gets back to town the first thing he does is to go and see her. Unfortunately, his past comes right behind him and puts Jaelyn directly in the path of a psycho.

Although I really started out disliking LeeAnn, she does grow on you so don’t give up on her completely. I kind of thought she might wind up with one of the men on Bram’s team but I see whose story is next and it’s not with LeeAnn. Either way, I hope we get to see her story because I think she has a lot of growing to do and she could be a great heroine. Their grandpa is awesome and doles out advice to Bram to kick his ass into gear.

After Jaelyn is kidnapped by Bram’s enemy they have no choice but to uproot the family to move them to a secure location. Bram isn’t officially part of the team yet but his dad pulls some behind the scenes strings to protect his son. They arrive where Saxon and Vitus are living and building their new offices and it is clear that Saxon is not happy about danger being brought near his wife and children. Ginger, on the other hand, is ecstatic to have another woman around and with two kids under the age of two – she can use all the help she can get.

Jaelyn starts off a little timid and mousy but it is quickly revealed that she’s much stronger than she looks. Her entire life has been uprooted with the arrival of Bram and to top it off, she’s kidnapped and held hostage by a lunatic. Her strength carries her through it all and she comes out fighting for her man and their life. They were a sweet couple and although this wasn’t my favorite book of the series, I really enjoyed it. I’m anxiously awaiting Thais’ story I suspect that one is going to be heartbreaking but so good. Next up it is Dare’s turn to meet his match and I’m looking forward to it!

Rating: B

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Take To the Limit
by Dawn Ryder
Release Date: August 29, 2017
Publisher: St. Martin’s

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