Review: The Homecoming by S. Doyle

Reviewed by Joanna

I was excited about this book as I love this series hard, and now we’ve got a new couple in the frame: Ruby and Cody. This is standalone, but go back and start at The Bride for a heartfelt great read.

She’s ranch owner Jake’s unknown sister who showed up out of the blue in the last book. Ruby is scared, beaten up and determined not to make the same mistakes again. He’s the ranch hand and an ex rodeo rider. Cody is big, grumpy, and dealing with an alcoholic father who’s also his foreman. He’s worried about losing his job and he’s worried about Ruby taking his friends Jake and Ellie for a ride.

Having to come get her ticked me off. Having to take time out of my day to tow her car to the ranch ticked me off. Coming back from riding all day to find Rich asleep in front of the TV at only eight at night with a near empty bottle of vodka sitting on the kitchen table…TICKED ME OFF.

Oh, and Ellie finally has the baby (as promised but not delivered in the last book – ha, pun) so yay for that.

So, Ruby fled a whole bunch of trouble with her ex-boyfriend being a violent a-hole and a junkie. She only found out recently that she has a half-brother so she heads to his ranch. Cowboy Cody picks her up on the way when her car breaks down. He doesn’t like the look of her but takes her back to the ranch and she meets her new family.

They’re having Thanksgiving dinner and Ellie welcomes her with open arms. Jake is way more cautious as he despises their mother who previously abandoned him.

Ruby has to stay for a while because of the car repairs and in this time she settles in. Slowly, very slowly, she and Cody make friends over goat tending and a non-date to a rodeo. This is no fast-passion, more a sudden understanding, at least on Cody’s side.

A female friend-only. Who I wanted to fuck. “Shhh,” I told my drunk brain. “We’re supposed to be in denial about that.”

Ruby needs time to get over her troubles and her violent break up, and the way she settles into the town is just lovely. I really want to visit this place. People are kind and trusting, and they fix strangers. It’s wonderful.

When the couple finally get together it’s hot and rewarding, but this isn’t a long tale so they get to their HEA pretty soon after. I think this could’ve been longer with more to them being a couple before they main action happened, but no real complaints from me. I love the humor, sumptuous writing and storytelling, and will one-click this author forever more.

Rating: B+

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The Homecoming
by S. Doyle
Release Date: September 21, 2017

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