Review: The Hunt by Chloe Neill

Reviewed by Jen

This third installment of Chloe Neill’s Devil’s Isle series holds up consistently with the two books before it; in other words, if you enjoyed those, you will probably like this one too. It picks up right where The Sight left off. Claire is on the run after exposing her magic in the last book’s big battle, and she is scavenging for supplies to lend assistance to the paranormals who are still under lock and key.

Liam is gone, having bailed after he was imbued with magical powers of his own. He essentially abandoned her without so much as a word. As this book begins, he is framed for a murder he didn’t commit and Claire must track him down to warn him of the danger.

I enjoyed the road trip where Claire gets to spend some time with Malachai and Gavin. Neill treats us with more of her alternate-New Orleans, which is one of the best things about this series. I got so many authentic NOLA vibes tied in with the unique wasteland world created when the veil between worlds ripped open.

Once she finds him, the story follows Claire and Liam’s efforts to solve the murder while avoiding arrest.

It’s a little angsty in the beginning with Claire’s whole “you left me” drama juxstaposed with Liam’s “you can’t understand what I’m going through” thing. More backstory is revealed about Claire’s parents, which added to the story. Apparently, everything she thought she knew was kind of a fairy tale, and learning the truth is a major punch in the gut. There is advancement on the romance and yet another big twist ending.

I feel like all of that should have excited me. But instead it was all… ok. That’s kind of been my assessment of the previous books as well. I think this series may never be a giant hit for me, but there are parts I like.

Kind of on the fence.

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The Hunt
by Chloe Neill
Release Date: September 26, 2017
Publisher: Berkley


  1. Thanks for reviewing this! I read the first one and I liked it but didn’t really feel any urgency to continue the series. Like you, I thought it was just ok. But I’ll keep book 2 and 3 on my TBR just in case. Also I thought (spoiler alert possibly? But not really bc I haven’t read it yet ha) that Claire seemed mighty fascinated by a certain angel. I wondered if a romance there would develop. I just never really felt strongly about the hero. He seemed like a great guy to date and end up as friends. Just curious if anyone felt that way

    • Ok I’m LOLing bc I just went and read your review of the 2nd book and it was like exactly all my feelings. I’m bumping book 2 up my TBR

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