Review: The Sea King by CL Wilson

Reviewed by Jen

I wanted to like this book. I read and enjoyed CL Wilson’s Tairen Soul series and I liked The Winter King, the first installment of this series fairly well. However, one of the issues I had with that book felt even more pronounced in this one and it really hampered my enjoyment.

It was obvious. And by that I mean everything was obvious, from the villains, to the romance, to the “twist” in the (second) epilogue. You will see it all coming from a mile away. And maybe that wouldn’t be so bad if the names weren’t so cheezy and saccharine (and again… obvious) like Wynter, the Winter King who controls ice. Or the sisters named after the Seasons who hail from Summerlea. (*cringe*)

Even putting all that aside, the book gets off to a challenging start. There were so many names and customs introduced off the top about Dilys (the hero) and his people, I was lost. Then, we’re told that he is going to take a bride from among the Seasons, but definitely not Summer, because she is too meek and mild. So obviously, Summer is the heroine. We’re introduced to the bad guys literally in chapter one and if you don’t see the blinking red danger signs, you’re not paying attention as Wilson basically draws skulls and crossbones around them.

Dilys is a too-good-to-be-true hero from a race of men who literally train their entire lives to be the perfect husband. (*yawn*) Meanwhile, Summer is so powerful, she vows never to love anyone because it will threaten her control. That was ok for an initial conflict, but it just went on way too long.

And just when I thought I was going to get a toothache from all the sweet fairy-tale vibes (*spoiler alert*) there is a gross sexual assault and a recovery that literally magics the pain away afterward. This did not work for me on so many levels. It was jarring and while the book was a little too marshmallow before that, this broke out of the tone of the story and then tried to make it all better. With magic bonding.

I just couldn’t connect to any of the characters. The romance felt like a “fated pairing” bond than a falling in love (at least on Dilys’s part)… and I just didn’t feel anything.

But if you are looking for something escapist and light fantasy … and sexual assault of the heroine doesn’t rock your boat too hard, maybe you’ll enjoy it more than I did.

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The Sea King
by CL Wilson
Release Date: October 31, 2017
Publisher: Avon

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