Review: Take Down by Harper St George and Tara Wyatt

Reviewed by Elle

Take Down takes us back into Harper St. George and Tara Wyatt’s dirty hot MMA world, this time following Gabe and Megan, who we first met in Dirty Boxing. Gabe was a bit of a mysterious figure in the first book, so I loved getting inside his head in Take Down, and seeing him get his girl.

Though Gabe Maddox holds the championship belt, he fights not to hold onto it, but because exhausting himself in cage is the only way for him to find peace. He has more scars than just those on his skin. Gabe is a lone wolf, keeping everyone at bay, and living in fear that another loss of someone he loves will be his undoing. Better to just not love at all right? After all, there’s plenty of women out there who are happy to have just one night with Gabe ‘The Sandman’ Maddox.

Megan knows all about scars. After a battle with cervical cancer, she’s alive and healthy but completely at odds with her own body and unable to get out of her own head. She’s attracted to Gabe but she knows he doesn’t date. Megan is looking to find a guy to settle down with, and despite their attraction, she knows Gabe is all wrong for her.

But the chemistry between these two burns pretty bright, right from the start, and their interactions get hotter by the page. When things get hot and heavy in a darkened hallway, Megan finds herself surprised but turned on by Gabe’s dominant ways. He might be all wrong for her, but submitting to him gets her out of her head in a way she hasn’t been able to since her operation and chemo. A relationship might be off the cards, but one night might be just what they both need to scratch their respective itches.

I know I’ve said it before,but I love these two authors together. They’re everything that’s good about contemporary romance. Hot, sweet, sexy, romantic. And I loved it.

I wasn’t expecting the dominant/submissive thing at all, but it fit both characters perfectly. BDSM is pretty much an automatic no go for me, so I was glad I didn’t know about it going in, because I would have missed a great story. In terms of BDSM, its very much on the light side. We’re really talking nothing more than him bossing her around and tying her up, so even if you’re like me and find it a bit of a turn off, you’ll be fine.

My only complaint was really in the ending. Gabe’s dialogue gets a bit over the top and while I can appreciate him turning a corner and overcoming his demons, his words felt like they were coming from an entirely different character. But honestly, in the scheme of things, it wasn’t a huge problem. In the very next scene I found myself crying because I was so moved. Any book that can move me to tears gets top marks in my book.

A definite must if you’ve read Dirty Boxing or for sports romance fans. You don’t need to have read Dirty Boxing to enjoy this, it stands alone, but I highly recommend you do, because Dirty Boxing was one of my favorite reads so far this year! Looking forward to book 3!

Rating: A-

*ARC provided by publisher

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Take Down
by Harper St. George & Tara Wyatt
Release Date: November 14, 2017
Publisher: Pocket Star

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