Review: The Gravity of Us by Brittainy C. Cherry

Reviewed by Joanna

Phew! Finally I made it to the fourth and most lauded book of this series of standalones. This story follows Lucy and Graham. A hippie florist who loves too much, and a famous writer who is so closed up he can’t feel anything at all.

We start with Lucy’s sister being gravely ill, and her douchebag husband walking out on her as he can’t handle watching her die–a theme in this book. Lucy cares for her sister, Mari, and thinks upset thoughts about their elder sister, Lyric, who doesn’t give a damn.

Now, Lyric is important in this, as she reappears a short while later, pregnant, with a new name, and married to Graham.

Yep. This is a sister/brother-in-law romance.

Graham is cold as heck because of a terrible upbringing with an abusive (and also famous author) father. He can’t love because love leaves you and causes you to suffer. The books he writes never have a HEA.

When his father dies, Graham meets Lucy when she supplies flowers at the arena funeral he has to organize to manage the volume of mourners. They never knew one another existed, due to Lyric’s extreme nastiness (oh heck did I hate her) and rejection of her sisters, and they get to talking. In one conversation, she has given him a nickname and exerted a tiny amount of charm over him. But Graham is not easily cracked.

But another dire-circumstances meeting occurs. When Lyric gives birth and subsequently abandons her sick newborn, Lucy steps into the breach. Thus follows a Jack and Sarah type scenario, where the grieving husband can’t cope with the tiny baby, and the fun and loving woman who helps him becomes someone more.

But he’s married to her sister. Neither of them forget that, and the physical side of this romance is barely there throughout. They hardly touch, let alone kiss or more, and it’s the least sexually tense romance novel I’ve ever read. I absolutely didn’t want them to sleep with one another until divorce papers were served. I wanted the feelings but no action until the right stage, so in that sense the story delivered.

But this did have the downside of making it, well, not that romantic or exciting.

I really rooted for Graham and his overcoming his emotional freeze. I was surprised but not shocked by the big twist near the end, and I was shrugging at how easily the problems went away.

Lucy was a bit of a walkover, and I wished she’d told certain individuals where to go or had the impetus to demand more. I liked how much she cared for her niece, Talon, but this too was a gap. The child was central to so much of the story yet had no personality in either the eyes of her father or aunt. And the other aunt, Mari, had little to no interest, despite being closer to the runaway mother. I didn’t get this at all. It felt like a layer of detail was missing, which, done right, could’ve been charming.

I also expected:

Spoiler – Lyric to be sleeping with Mari’s runaway husband. But this wasn’t confirmed (unless I missed it. See next paragraph.)

Overall I found this sweet and gentle, but with little to grab me. The love and intimacy didn’t overwhelm me and the pace was kind of slow. In a couple of places I got bored and skimmed chunks of inaction and introspection.

The writing is good quality and I’m glad I got to this story—nominated for the finals of the Goodreads 2017 romance category. I like the author and will read more by her, on the right topic.

Rating: C

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The Gravity of Us
by Brittainy C. Cherry
Release Date: April 13, 2017

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