Review: The Silent Duke by Jess Michaels

Reviewed by Jen

I one clicked on this bad boy the minute I finished reading the blurb, and it gave me everything I wanted. Namely a mute and abused hero fighting himself over a chance at happiness with the woman he has loved his entire life. Yes, yes, 100 times yes.

Ewan (I even love his name) spent 10 years in the home of the father who hated him. It wasn’t until the man threatened to put him in an asylum over his inability to speak that his aunt and uncle took him away and decided to raise him as their own. Charlotte was only seven, but she felt a special connection to her brother’s friend, so much so that she developed a special sign language that allowed the two of them to talk.

Fast forward nearly 20 years. Charlotte is now a widow, just coming out of mourning. She is about to re-enter the marriage mart, but she wants to try one more time to make a go of things with Ewan. You see, she confessed her love to him before she ever got married, but he pushed her away. Now that she’s no longer an innocent, she has another tool in her belt to aid in her efforts and she is not above using seduction to finally win the man she loves.

As luck would have it, Charlotte is the only guest at a house party at Ewan’s estate before a storm makes the area inaccessible. She’ll have no better chance to work her magic, so she gets right down to business.

I was a little worried at the beginning of this book because I felt that it was progressing too fast. I expected much more build before they kissed or progressed further. I was also a little skeptical of their special secret (highly complex) sign language. However, those were probably my only reservations. I enjoyed this book very much.

Ewan was so wonderfully damaged and totally in love with Charlotte. It was so angsty and sad and sweet. Despite my initial reservations, I ended up loving the way he was completely powerless to stop himself from responding to her. And did I mention… he was a virgin??? Of course, Charlotte helps relieve him of that problem pretty quickly. Unfortunately, it’s much harder to convince him to consider any kind of future between them.

This love story is one stolen moment after another and it’s so bittersweet watching Charlotte and Ewan get tiny tastes of what they’ve both always wanted together. Ewan’s dad did a real number on him and even though he’s now got the dead man’s title, he hasn’t found peace.

I feel like I’ve spoiled too much already. Suffice it to say, Ewan and Charlotte are very easy to root for and their HEA is super-satisfying.

This is book four in the 1797 Club series, but holds up entirely as a standalone.

Rating: B/B+

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The Silent Duke
by Jess Michaels
Release Date: November 14, 2017
Publisher: The Passionate Pen

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