DNF Review: A Deep Dark Call by Rose Vane

Reviewed by Jen

I was really excited about this book. It was supposed to be a gothic style PNR, with an English-governess in Wallachia who falls for her enigmatic employer. The blurb promised a sinister manor house, a possible curse, and questionable circumstances surrounding the death of the hero’s first wife. I was expecting Rebecca meets Dracula or something. What I got was a story I had to put down three times in eye-rolling frustration before I finally walked away for good around the halfway point. It should tell you a lot that I couldn’t get any further, since the book was only about 43,000 words.

It started out with a lot of scene setting, which ok, the author was trying to set the mood. Wallachia is very different from London and wolves howl a lot. Lucy, the heroine, has some kind of Past which forced her to leave her home and strike out somewhere entirely new. At first, I figured someone must have deflowered her, especially since she wondered if her new employer was going to ravage her the first time they met (an idea she was clearly not adverse to) but since we later discover she’s a virgin, I can tell you that wasn’t it.

Anyway, Lucy and Ione have an immediate connection (ie. they want to boff each other right away.) This makes Ione run away to a brothel with his buddies where they often go to all have sex in the same room. Mind you, this is not an orgy-kinky/guy on guy thing. I guess in Wallachia, brothels do it differently. The first time I set down the book was when Ione started ruminating on how his friends liked to do it with their various whores. For instance, he wonders what he himself would have looked like from outside in moments like this. An impatient, insatiable lover like George? Rough like Iancu? Skilled and patient? Fastidious? After all, we get to see the various ways his friends are boning through Ione’s eyes.

I left the story and tried again. Lucy keeps dreaming of Ione. Ione admits to dreaming of her. Of course that leads him to the obvious question… if they’re dreaming of each other, could they be sharing the same dream? (Seriously, why the hell would you jump to that conclusion?) His admission makes Lucy stomp her foot and tell Ione he’s inappropriate in the stable, and then they end up hiding and peeping on another couple engaging in some spanking and nookie. It gets her all hot. It was as if his essence was already inside her, filling her. Yet again she inhaled a scent that was unmistakably his–soap and tobacco, very discernably all male, cock and unspent seed, blood that was hot and burning for her. What in God’s name does that even mean???

OK, now at this point, they just want to have sex with each other. She says no, it wouldn’t be proper, so he proposes. When she says she doesn’t want to marry him, he replies, “I don’t particularly want to marry you either, but I want to fuck you and you want it too.” I mean, who wouldn’t swoon with a proposal like that? Of course she says yes. Then they get to the wedding night where Ione can smell Lucy’s virginity and asks her if she’s wondering how she’ll fit this strange looking thing inside her.

That was when I quit.

I’m pretty sure Ione’s a wolf-shifter of some kind, because there a lot of talk about wolves and the foreshadowing is rather heavy-handed. I just couldn’t stick with it to find out.

This has some pretty good reviews on Goodreads, so maybe it’s just me. Your mileage may vary.

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A Deep Dark Call
by Rose Vane
Release Date: December 4, 2017
Publisher: Carina Press

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