Review: Crazy in Love by Crystal B. Bright

Reviewed by Shelly

Oh how I wanted to like this story. The blurb read like a promise of good romance between the R&B world and the Country music world. Plus, it’s IR. Come on… doesn’t that sound like it would be awesome. The chemistry potential in such a fast driven industry with a very fickle audience just screams – YES, tell me all about it!

Sorry, I got excited for a second there.

So what really happened was…

I’ve read this author before and although I wasn’t thrilled with the story telling for what I previously read, I thought, heck it’s been two years surely there’s been some changes. So now I’m thinking it’s me because the writing didn’t change.

This is Cyrstal Bright’s first book in her ‘A Love & Harmony Romance’ series. Chantel ‘Shauna Stellar’ Evans is a young R&B singer. She’s twenty five and has been in the business for more than ten years. Unfortunately for Chantel, the same day she buried her mother she was also committed to do a performance and her manager, Craig, didn’t get her out of the performance. Instead he allowed his client to go onstage in the worst possible scenario. Okay, I know that artists/singers/performers cancel shows all the time – so I’m not sure how a family emergency like the death of a parent doesn’t warrant a cancel. Especially the death and burial of such a public person such as was Chantel’s mother. But I guess that plot point and ensuing fallout was too good to pass up.

After her mental breakdown and subsequent stay at a mental health facility, Chantel is back and she wants her singing career back. It’s the only thing she knows how to do. Sadly, she’s developed a seemingly insurmountable fear of singing. So she turns to producing.

Prior to her death, her mother signed country singer Truman Woodley and his group to her. Truman’s a single dad to a five year-old and he and his band, the Sliders, are doing the typical fairs and such just waiting for their big break. Right in the nick of time, along comes Chantel.

They’re supposed to be adversarial, but I’m not sure that’s what I took away from the situation. I didn’t feel their dislike. I felt their ‘I don’t know you so why are you talking to me this way’ vibe, but adversarial – not so much. I remember this from my first Bright story – there’re a lot of words used to describe things. A lot. And so I found myself losing focus because there were things I really didn’t care about. There’s such a thing as too much.

Chantel was a nice enough character, but I didn’t find myself sympathetic towards her plight. There’s little that was told that made her anything more than meh. Truman was the same, nothing spectacular or even memorable about him. Actually I lie, the best part of Truman was his relationship with his son, Gage. That was special.

This came off lacking in passion between Chantel and Truman. Yes, there was sex but that doesn’t always equate to passion or romance. Their relationship started a little too quickly after their first meeting and their get together (that’s code for the s.e.x.) came off as clunky; it didn’t seamlessly merge from nothing into something. To me that’s just kind of – blah.

Here’s what I was hoping for and really wanted. I wanted to be convinced that these two were destined for each other. I wanted the ground to shake and the seas to rise. I wanted drama, tears, remorse, redemption, forgiveness – you know, the stuff that makes you bit your nails while whimpering in a corner wondering what’s gonna happen next. Yeah, that stuff.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: C

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Crazy in Love
by Crystal B. Bright
Release Date: October 17, 2017
Publisher: Lyrical Shine

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