Review: Start With Me by J. Saman

Reviewed by Joanna

I have a confession. I was given this book aaaages ago, and managed to somehow misplace it, even though I like this author a lot and really enjoyed the first in this series of standalones. And I’m sorry it took me so long to read, as this is a tension-filled sexy romance.

Claire is an overqualified PA, and has been working for the same tech firm since college. Ryan is her boss (book one hero) and his younger brother Kyle is her super-duper dose of eye candy and text buddy. They only met once—at Ryan’s wedding—but their chemistry was off the chart. Shame Claire friend-zoned Kyle from the off. She doesn’t have boyfriends and even if she did, he’d be a bad choice. She considers her boss and his wife Kate as family, and doesn’t want to mess it up by screwing around with his brother.

While maintaining distance is easy with lawyer Kyle living in New York, it becomes infinitely tougher when he relocates to work for his brother.

See, they’d become best friends with daily chats and oodles of cuddles on a short visit Claire makes to NYC. But boy do they want to bone.

Then they have to work together, and staying out of each other’s underwear becomes almost impossible. Except Claire had very good motivation. Born to uncaring parents, she potentially has something wrong with her that would impact a future relationship. She’s too scared to find out, and she’s too scared to live a full life.

Kyle, on the other hand, survived leukemia twice, and now he has someone he cares about he wants to grab the relationship bull by the horns.

So we get a push and pull then went back and forth so many times I wanted to tear my hair out. Claire tried so hard not to cave, by dating other men, by telling Kyle it’ll never happen, but there was an inevitability to these two.

He buys her a damn piano. (Music is her hobby.) It’s gorgeous and romantic, and how badly Kyle wants Claire versus how hard she’s trying to stay away is torment.

I pull her warmth into mine, wrapping my arm around her waist and burying my face in her neck. If I relent even an inch, she’ll be gone.

Don’t go, Claire, I think.

Stay with me, I silently beg.

But the second I close my eyes, I know she’s already figuring out a way to leave me.

This book gave me so many feelings. I liked both characters so much, and just wanted them to get on with it. Kyle was patient and strong (and handsome. Did I mention that?), and Claire was smart and loud-mouthed, as well as being an island. She needed love, and the right guy just needed to find a way to give it to her.

Leaping on now to the author’s next book, if my heart can take it.

Rated: B+

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Start With Me
by J. Saman
Release Date: October 16, 2017

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