DNF Review: Firestorm by Donna Grant

Reviewed by Ronelle

When Dr. Faith Reynold stumbles upon what appears to be an ancient dragon skeleton, she’s completely taken aback. Though she’s been raised on the mythology of the beasts, she’s a woman of science and there’s no way that such a creature can actually exist. And when the handsome and mysterious Dmitri enters her world, she ends up even further out of her comfort zone. Her curiosity soon turns into all-consuming passion; she’s never felt this way about any man before.

But Dimitri is keeping secrets and his biggest revelation will test her resolve. Can Faith learn to love the man—as well as the dragon within?


*sigh* I guess Donna Grant just isn’t for me. This is the second of her books I’ve tried—and failed—to love. Firestorm had the potential to be a unique and interesting story and I think Faith and Dmitri could have been a compelling couple, but I had too many issues with the writing to really get immersed and thus invested.

I admittedly didn’t read far enough to see if things get better, but the initial relationship between Faith and Dmitri was so cliché it hurt my brain. They’re instantly antagonistic for no real purpose other than that Ms. Grant decided this needed to be an (not quite) enemies-to-lovers story. Seriously, the ‘reasons’ they dislike each other at first are so thin and contrived as to be laughable. Dmitri is the ultimate brooding hero and it didn’t take long for me to be utterly sick of listening to his internal monologue. I GET IT, YOU’RE UPSET! LET’S GET ON WITH IT ALREADY! He’s also described in so much detail that nothing is left to the reader’s imagination. He didn’t fit my definition of attractive (I cannot respect a grown-ass man who shows up in a v-neck sweater), so that particular author-tactic backfired and became one of the reasons I just couldn’t get into the story. Faith appeared to be one of those strong-independent-woman-who-don’t-need-no-man types…until she laid eyes on Dmitri and her libido was suddenly in overdrive and she wanted to eat him. We know they’re going to end up together, but for the love of all that is holy, leave at least the pretense of suspense for us to gnaw on!

Oh, and there were also way, way too many names being dropped for me to keep track of who was who and if they were important or not. I suspect all the other Kings are mentioned in one capacity or another because they’ll each have their own story, but there were So. Many.
I found the writing in Firestorm to be fairly repetitive, almost as if Ms. Grant didn’t trust her readers to remember important events for more than two pages. It’s annoying and gave her writing an almost juvenile quality that ruined the immersion. Also, it turns out that, besides poor editing, writing in accent is one of my biggest reviewer-pet-peeves, and that’s usually because it isn’t done well or consistently. When I see an author writing in accent (especially the Scottish brogue), I’ll grumble and roll my eyes, but then settle in and get used to it…until said author stops, and then starts again, and then forgets her character has an accent, and then oh-oops-let-me-get-back-to-that-because-it-makes-him-sound-sexy… You get my point. That’s exactly what happened in Firestorm and it made me want to murder something.

At this point, it’s probably superfluous to mention editorial issues, but I feel compelled to note that Firestorm could have used another round of editing to polish out some typos and fix some dialogue-related formatting issues.

Bottom line: This will be my last book by Donna Grant. Her writing and stories have potential and plenty of people enjoy them, but I haven’t been impressed.

**I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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by Donna Grant
Release Date: March 7, 2017
Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks


  1. V-neck sweaters, huh? I hear that. Almost as bad the obsession with turtlenecks people seem to have. No. Put them away 😀

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