Review: Love Me Harder by Camille Mackenzie

Reviewed by Shelly

The first book in Camille MacKenzie’s Love Never Fails series was one that I really enjoyed. The writing was fresh, especially for a debut novel. This one felt rambly and unfocused. The heroine was one of the more immature ones I’ve read in a while and there were story lines that were introduced and left without resolutions. I had the same problem I had in book one with the errors, except this one is littered with them. This is book three – simple syntax errors and sentence structure errors shouldn’t happen this much. The editing for line repetition and character consistency was lacking. This time I chose not to overlook the lack of strong editing because they were distracting and plentiful.

“Which means you’re important to me in away.”
“I’ve spent that time figuring out how to leave when it’s now what I really want to do.”
“I push my finger into chest.”
“I pick at the ends of nails”
“The son of a Mexican biker gang leader”
“He is a tech genius, entrepreneur, billionaire to everyone except me”
“Together he and I sit in the two, arm chairs”
“He has a mild spirt,”

These are a minute sample and there’re many instances of ‘you’re’ instead of ‘your’, ‘then’ instead of ‘than’. It takes too long to read a published work with this many errors. I did a lot of re-reading to figure out the author’s intent. If this was an advanced reader copy, I’d be much more forgiving.

Book three is Alec and Nikki’s story. If you’ve not read its predecessors, you’ll be fine reading this. I read book one and skipped on book two and didn’t feel any sense of loss.

Nikki is a single mother of a precocious four year old little girl. She’s recently graduated from nursing school and is working her first job as an RN. She’s also recently moved from Clearwater to Atlanta. It’s quite a bit of change but all’s going well until Nikki’s first outing with Alec. Both of these characters are close friends of Sora, from book one.

During her first outing with Alec, their attraction seemed to be very strong. Their get together read more like a scratching of an itch kind of attraction than a valid ‘I want to get to you know better.’ Their conversation was superficial which is understandable if you’re not intending to see that person again. The motivation behind their outing read as if it was the means to have sex at the end of the date. That was confusing to me, considering they’re both good friends of Sora and have a history with her; wouldn’t the chance of future meetings happen considering they’re both going to be in Sora’s wedding in a few months?

One of the many things that confused me with Nikki was the ease with which she can lie or not tell the truth if you’d rather call it that. After Alec shows up unexpectedly (I have a feeling I know why after their last get together) at her apartment and realizes that she has a child…that was handled way too easily. And then Nikki’s other secret – that was literally handled in a single sentence. That was such a disappointment considering it was a pretty big secret.

Alec’s business is very important to him. He’s grown it since college and the people he employs depend on him as the leader of the company to do his job. Between the recent sabotage and the day to day running of his company, there’s a lot riding on his shoulders but he’s been able to manage it until the introduction of Nikki and her daughter into his life. Alec can’t seem to manage his business and his personal life in a way that benefits both and Nikki can’t seem to find the patience to wait for him to figure it out.

Then there’s Alec’s ex-girlfriend, Molly, whose presence seems to confirm that Alec can be a good friend when needed. I didn’t understand her purpose unless it was to show that Nikki’s idea of ‘stay away from my man’ was to threaten to perform violence on Molly’s person. And that entire scene of Nikki going to Molly’s hotel – what in the world was that?

This should have been a good book because the premise is solid. One thing I truly didn’t expect was the immaturity of Nikki. She played the push and pull game too much. She’d push Alec away then she’d pull him back in. That happened too frequently.

Last, there were way too many POV changes within a single chapter, as many as three going back and forth between Nikki and Alec. Then there’s an entire chapter where the POV heading gets dropped altogether.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: D

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Love Me Harder
by Camille Mackenzie
Release Date: November 16, 2017

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