Review: Don’t Go by Alexa Riley

Reviewed by Shelly

The duo of Alexa Riley have a niche that is – if you want HEA, plot-lite, and insta-everything then they have a story that you’ll enjoy. If I ever think about stating my expectations as anything but quick and I’m shocked because ‘that would never happen’ then that’s all my fault. I’ve enjoyed many of Riley’s stories and I’m sure I’ll continue to do so.

This is a novella with insta-love. The hero is a virgin. The heroine is a virgin. I mean real virgins, none of this new fangled back door action to save the vagina for later business. At 28 they knew what they were doing do – especially that Henry. So when the business (you know what I’m talkin’ ‘bout) starts, there’re no worries because in this work the baby consequences are all the better. I’m telling ya folks – low expectations are the best.

Kory Summers and Henry Osbourne went to the same high school. It’s a ‘rich’ kids school and while Henry’s family could afford the tuition, Kory got in through scholarships. Kory is smart. She’s a math whiz and so very typical at that age – she’s an introvert who can get caught up in her books very easily. The way he asked her to prom is very cute. Henry’s just rich. I don’t know what his superpower is other than money.

Ten years after asking Kory to prom, they’ve lost touch. There was an incident and things didn’t pan out the way Henry wanted them to. From the beginning we’ve known Henry’s feelings for Kory (this is told in first POV from both characters) and he’s always knows he’s only got one love in him. I felt more akin to Henry. I didn’t think Kory’s character was as strong as Henry’s.

Now that Kory’s back in town and working at a new job, Henry’s cousin Pandora decides it’s time for something to happen. Henry’s been in his own head for way too long. Kory and Henry’s reunion happens very quickly. You know what surprised me? I think you might be too. They actually had a date. Yes, an actual date.

Now after the date, the love is instantaneous – it’s residual from their high school prom date. It’s like the time warp of love enveloped them and kept them fresh and ready.

The thing that I find fun about the plot, although it’s ridiculous – it’s still fun and actually good writing.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B

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Title: Don’t Go
Author: Alexa Riley
Pub Date: 01/22/2018
Pub: Carina Press

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