Review: Dragon Blood by Eileen Wilks

Reviewed by Jen

Eileen Wilks drops us right back into the action with this latest installment of her World of the Lupi series and thankfully, she begins with a great recap; otherwise, I think I would have completely forgotten what was going on. You see, the last book stopped right in the middle of the action: Lily and Rule had led a group of fighters into Dis to rescue Toby and some other Lupi children who had been kidnapped. They were in the middle of a big battle; Benedict and Cullen were seriously hurt… so was Rule. A dragon snatched Lily and THEN THE BOOK WAS OVER. This book is more like a Part 2 of that story, although it has its own arc set entirely in Dragonhome, which is where Lily is spirited away to.

As the story begins, Lily wakes up in this other plane. The dragon spawn who run this world have made a deal with the lupi’s Great Enemy which demands they procure her in exchange for a spoiler I’m not going to reveal. Thankfully, Gan has also pulled Cynna, Rule, and Grandmother into the same plane; only, they are not all together. Lily and Cynna are both held captive, while Grandmother and Rule must travel a great distance and come up with a plan for their rescue. The book bounces back and forth between their storylines until they converge at the end.

It was a good book. It’s a cool blend of Chinese and otherworldly cultures. I found the dragon spawn fascinating, despite (or maybe even because of) their sociopathic mindset. I was especially interested in the one who was trying to understand human concepts like altruism and integrity while clearly having no compunction about using torture to get the results he was after. There is a lot of action, but there is also a lot of conceptual stuff happening, especially when it came to Lily’s side of the story. I felt like her half was the stronger part of the book, but Grandmother’s presence in Rule’s journey helped drive up my interest level there.

There’s a lot of stuff happening, and while there is resolution in the kidnapped kids and escape from Dragonhome storylines, this adventure isn’t over yet. There’s no cliffhanger like in the last book, but there is no doubt that the next book is interconnected to this one and the one before. I’d definitely recommend this book for fans of the series, though. And if you’ve never tried the series, for sure, it’s worth reading. Lily is such a great heroine (both with and without Rule) and the secondary characters are just as interesting and fleshed out in their own rights.

Bring on the next book. I’m ready for Michael and Molly (see Originally Human) to finally fold into the main books!!

Rating: B/B+

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Dragon Blood
by Eileen Wilks
Release Date: January 2, 2018
Publisher: Berkeley


  1. I’ve gotten so far behind on this series. The last book I read was book 10. You really have me wanting to get back into this series.

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