Review: Love Between Enemies by Molly E Lee

Reviewed by Elle

I’ve been binge watching 90’s teen romance movies lately. I don’t read a lot of YA romance, but my recent movie marathons had me agreeing to review Love Between Enemies by Molly E Lee.

It’s the second book in a series of stand-alones, that all follow different characters at an epic end of year graduation party. I haven’t read the first, and though there is quite a bit of talk about the characters from the first book, it only bothered me very briefly. So you can definitely jump into this series at any point.

As the two smartest kids in their grade, Gordon and Zoey have been competing against each other their entire lives. But there’s respect between the the two, so while they might not be friends, they aren’t true enemies either.

But on Graduation morning, Gordon’s father gives him the news his family business is about to be bought out by Zoey’s father’s business. Then when he gets to school, he finds out Zoey has won the scholarship to Stanford they were competing over. Thing is, her father is rich and she doesn’t even need the scholarship. But Gordon desperately does.

So of course, poor old Gordon is pretty pissed off, and in the heat of the moment, makes a speech to their graduating class that completely humiliates Zoey.

Zoey comes up with a plan to get her revenge and their graduation night story takes off from there.

I really quite enjoyed this one. There’s some great conflict between the characters but also plenty of reasons for them to be together. Early on, Gordon could have saved himself a lot of heartache if he’d stopped assuming things and actually clarified what people meant, but I forgave him for those oversights. They’re both likable characters but neither is perfect, which helped to make them relatable. They have some great chemistry, but obviously the heat level is YA appropriate. Their story was a bit on the dramatic side but still believable and flowed nicely without any boring bits.

Overall, a fun read for YA fans. I’d be happy to read more from this author, or more in this series.

Rating: B-

*ARC provided for review

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Love Between Enemies
by Molly E. Lee
Release Date: January 8, 2018
Publisher: Entangled Crush

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