Review: No Contest by Harper St George and Tara Wyatt

Reviewed by Elle

No Contest is the third book (final maybe? I hope not!) in the Blood and Glory series from Tara Wyatt and Harper St. George.

We first met Leandro in book 2, where he was portrayed as the rich, arrogant, title hungry competitor, chasing after Gabe’s belt.

And that’s exactly who he is as we get to know him better in this book. Rich, spoiled, and arrogant sum him up perfectly. As heir to a family fortune, he’s never had to work for anything in his life. Except fighting. The ring is the only place he’s ever wanted to prove himself and earn something the hard way instead of it being handed to him on a silver platter. He did the work, became one of the best and got his shot at the belt, only for Gabe to pretty much hand it to him when he retired.

Now he’s got the belt and the title but none of the respect that comes with it. Determined to prove he deserves it, Leandro wants a real fight with a real competitor. But the boss of the League won’t give him that until he cleans up his image. With a sex tape doing the rounds and multiple other unfavorable incidents, the League won’t promote any of his fights with his reputation so tarnished.

In steps Ashlynn to babysit him. She’s desperate to prove herself to the League bosses and earn herself a full time job. But keeping Leandro under control is easier said than done. Especially with chemistry sparking between them. There’s also that pesky non-fraternization clause in their contracts- if either of them have a hope of getting what they want from the League boss, they’re going to have to play by the rules.

Considering how much of a tool Leandro is in book 2, I wasn’t particularly keen on him being the main character in book 3, but omg, I was so wrong about him. There’s so much about him you don’t learn until this book, and in the end, I think he’s my favorite out of the whole series. Who doesn’t likes rich bad boy, right? Lol. But it’s more than that. Leandro’s character growth is EPIC. And it didn’t take more than a few pages for me to begin cheering for him to get his girl.

As with the first two books, the chemistry and sexy times are of the,red hot, off the charts, don’t let your Nanna read over your shoulder, variety. SO good!

Another thing I’ve enjoyed about this series is the diversity of the male MC’s. Leandro is Portuguese and Nick from Dirty Boxing is Greek. We got to know both their families a little and I loved that they weren’t the typical American stereotype often portrayed in books and movies.

If you’re a sports romance fan you need to pick this one up! It stands alone, but read the other two first, you’ll like it more if you do, and the entire series is well worth the read!

Rating: A

*ARC provided by publisher

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No Contest
by Tara Wyatt & Harper St. George
Release Date: January 29, 2018
Publisher: Pocket Star

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