Review: Single Malt by Layla Reyne

Reviewed by Jen

Feeling nostalgic for the Cut & Run books I loved so much, I asked Twitter to give me some recommendations of books with a similar feel and this one rose to the top. I can see the similarities for sure and they were close enough to scratch my itch, but there were enough differences that no one would confuse the two.

Like my beloved C&R books, this series centers around two FBI agents who are paired as unlikely partners. But these two guys are markedly different from Ty and Zane, who were always on the edge of spiraling out of control. Aidan is one of the FBI’s best agents, but he is just returning to work after an eight-month leave to recover from the accident that killed both his partner and his husband. His boss, Mel–his dead husband’s sister–assigns him to work with Jamie, a brilliant cyber-agent who is also a handsome former NCAA basketball star. Aidan is tasked with evaluating Jamie for field work.

Aidan and Jamie are very aware of each other, but this is a super-slow burn. It has to be, because Aidan is still reeling from the loss of his husband. Add to that, Mel has reason to believe the car accident that killed her brother wasn’t an accident; she gives the evidence to Aidan to follow the trail, and as he and Jamie grow closer, he shares it with his new partner to help him solve the mystery.

While that is going on, Aidan and Jamie are tasked with solving a hacking case involving a facility that houses potential bio-weapons. Their case takes up the lion’s share of the book and for me, that part was hit and miss. It was very techy at times and I struggled not to skim some of the more technical elements of the cyber-stuff. There was some action in the climax, but in the unraveling of it all, there were times I drifted.

I was much more interested in the dance the two men were engaged in. Jamie has a little hero-worship going on with Aidan, while Aidan doesn’t even know his partner is gay for a while. Once he learns the truth, he still considers the man forbidden fruit, which makes it all the more satisfying when they finally act on their attraction.

There are a couple of surprises in the end and a set-up for future books. I liked this couple and I’m curious to see how their relationship progresses.

Rating: B

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Single Malt
by Layla Reyne
Release Date: February 27, 2017
Publisher: Carina Press

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