Shelly’s Favorites of 2017

This year started off well but fizzled out. BUT this was the year I discovered audio books. Yeah, ME!

I’ve been a fan of Beverly Jenkins for years. Too many to count. Forbidden (Old West, 1) is a historical with some slight reference to Jenkins’s Through the Storm which is part of ‘The LeVeq Family’ series. I thought this story read great as a standalone. It was wonderfully captivating and touched on the topic of ‘passing’ told from an emotional perspective.

A new to me author is Denise Riley. Casualties of Love is a contemporary about a couple who met at West Point. This is one of those stories that had a plethora of flashbacks and while that can go wrong very quickly, this one didn’t. Even with very little conflict, I liked this one a lot.

I discovered Lisa Kleypas (thanks Jen!) in 2016 and I’ve kept up with the Ravenels series. The audio version of Devil in Spring read by Mary Jane Wells is quite entertaining.

Marie Force’s Every Little Thing was a nice follow up about the Abbotts & Colemans in her Green Mountains spinoff ‘Butler, Vermont’. A lawyer and single mom find their HEA. This is conflict-lite but still good reading.

Maya Banks Never Seduce a Scott is a very good historical about a deaf heroine and her arranged marriage to the laird of her clan’s enemy. And yes, the audio version is really good.

The slow build romance in Whatever You Need by Barbara Longley is one of those romances that I wasn’t sure I’d like. However, the story telling is strong enough that Longley convinced me that it’s totally worth my time to read it.

I’ve read quite a few of Linda Kage’s stories and she’s not disappointed my yet. Addicted to Ansley is a familiar theme where the hero doesn’t know of his child. In this case the father was also the stereotypical bad boy when he met the heroine as teens but he’s since clean himself up. What I liked best about this was the hero never denied his offspring once he found out. He didn’t question with ‘is she really mine?’ kind of thing.

Happy reading folks!


I truly can’t remember how I started reading Ilona Andrews but the recommendations from Jen and Jolie were so high that I tried and liked it. And then if that wasn’t bad enough Carrie told me that the better audios are for PNR stories and so I tried the audios and now I’m slightly addicted to audios read by Renee Raudman. Everything listed below has been reviewed by Jen and her reviews are inline with my thoughts – so here we go.

The entire Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. I’ve either audio, ebook or print (or both) for each novel or novella in the series. At the time of this, IA has Curran’s perspective for free download. Go check that out, if you haven’t, because it’s worth it.
Books 1 – 3 of The Edge series by Ilona Andrews.
Books 1 – 3 of the ‘InnKeeper Chronicles‘ by Ilona Andrews. Maybe Jen’ll feel bad enough to post a series reading order.
Books 1 – 3 of the ‘Hidden Legacy‘ series by Ilona Andrews.

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