Review: Bride of the Dragons by Selina Coffey

Reviewed by Ronelle

Two dragon shifters newly come to power seek mate.
Third daughter of an impoverished noble seeks good husband who won’t mind a lack of dowry.
Throw them together at a party hosted in honor of the dragon delegation’s arrival at the human court for negotiations and get a match that’s fated to be.


The Amazon and review request blurbs made it sound like there would be a story here, and there wasn’t. Bride of the Dragons was porn making a half-assed attempt to dress up as fantasy romance—which would have been fine if the reader was made aware of that, rather than being tricked by a description that was more complex than the actual story. There was so much potential for this to be amazing, but no follow-through: there’s no character development, no romance or world building, and the underlying ‘conflict’ often got side-lined for the sex. I almost feel like what Ms. Coffey published was her rough plot-outline rather than the finished story; the basics were covered fleetingly and there were clearly holes where more information was needed.

Adelina, Elokon, and Siron COULD have been really awesome characters and their relationship had the potential to grow into something strong, beautiful, and worth rooting for. The actuality was that they sprang into the story fully-developed (i.e. they showed no growth, rather than that they were fleshed out and multidimensional) and they got naked together right away. Adelina’s pure-girl-who-needs-to-make-a-good-marriage protests were token at best and basically a page-waster, considering how quickly she gave in to the dragon pair. Her character was also inconsistent, and her actions tended to be at odds with her stated personae: an “innocent” girl doesn’t tell two guys she wants to come with them insider her. The interactions between Elokon and Siron, as alpha and omega, where a bit more detailed, but they also made the reader very aware of missing context and background. The three of them together just…had a relationship and we never got to see it grow or develop. I guess all that stuff happened in one of the random time jumps? Regardless, the lack made it impossible to connect with the characters and didn’t provide much in the way of reasons to pull for them, fear for them, or understand them.

The whole Naga-invasion thing, again, had the potential to be a good plot-driver, but it was so often forgotten and then picked back up again that it was totally ineffective and uninteresting. There were also jumps in time with no explanation or even a solid idea of how much time had actually passed, which was both confusing and annoying. We’re given zero backstory on the characters, the world, or the conflict and there was a glaring lack of context for a lot of what was going on here. Bride of the Dragons was basically all action of one variety or another, but no context, intent, or filler to help us connect with, well, anything. It truly read more like an outline than a finished product. I get the impression that this is how the author writes most of her stories, though.

For me, the only redeeming quality about Bride of the Dragons was the sex. Ms. Coffey penned a few decent trysts between the dragons and their bride. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough (for me, anyway) to carry an entire story. As for the editing…it was ok, but I spied enough typos to make me wonder if the author employed an editor for this. Another run-through wouldn’t be amiss to weed out things like extra quotation marks.

Bottom line: Meh. It’s hard not to judge this story based on what it could have been, because the reality was pretty disappointing. If you’re into shifter romance and don’t mind a lack of plot or character development, you might enjoy this. At least it was short, I guess.

Rating: D

**I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.**

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Bride of the Dragons
by Selina Coffey
Release Date: August 30, 2016


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