Review: No Ordinary Billionaire by JS Scott

Reviewed by Shelly

Seeing the word Billionaire in the title of this can be an immediate turn off if you’re like me and find these books not only repetitive but boring. But don’t be like me. Give this one a chance. It’s a sweet, easy, fun and sexy story. I’ve never read this author, but I liked the idea of a cop and a physician romance.

Dante Sinclair is a police officer. He loves being a cop. He always wanted to be one and he loves everything about it. In the city of Angels, during a confrontation with a criminal, Dante’s partner Patrick gets shot and killed. Dante’s injuries are pretty extensive – he’s shot a couple of times, broken ribs, etc. But that’s not even what’s hurting his heart – he’s completely broken up about his best friend and partner dying. And to make it worse is that Patrick’s got a family. A wife and son who are the nicest people. It’s a sad case all the way around.

Dante heads off to his home away from home where he’ll be taken care of by an unknown internist. Sarah Baxter has been practicing internal medicine in the small town for the last year. She moved from the fast pace of Chicago and is quite content with her life. She’s a bit lonely but she’s better off where she’s at versus where she was.

The Sinclairs are a rich family. So far, there’s nothing ostentatious about them, but you can’t help but notice the houses. And I gotta say, so far I’m liking Dante and his siblings. Scott made a very conscious effort to make these characters as regular folks who happen to have a lot of money. And yes, they use their money for good.

I was surprised how much I did like Sarah. She’s an old soul. She was accelerated in her schooling; so while some of us were still eating sand and picking our noses she was graduating high school and on her way to college. I would have loved to dig in more about her social awkwardness but what we got was good enough to get the point across. Dante was a great foil for her. He’s brash but he’s very honest with her. No frilly words, he tells ’em like he see ’em.

Male alpha that he is, Dante is having a very hard time dealing with his guilt about Patrick. His mental status was touch and go for a while there but as with any good romance – dat da da – meeting the woman of his dreams makes everything better. Sarah in her profession of a doctor did have some words of wisdom for Dante and I would have liked to see him struggle a bit more and maybe even attend a support group or two but what I got was sufficient.

The pacing moves quite well. There’s a little bit of action that happens and is a nice change from the internal dialogue and sexual exploits. In the end, I was pleased with this one in spite of it’s billionaire content.

Happy reading folks

Rating: B-/C+

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No Ordinary Billionaire
by J. S. Scott
Pub Date: 03/31/2015
Pub by: Montlake Romance

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