Review: The Edge of the Blade by Jeffe Kennedy

Reviewed by Jen

I have to say that I was very curious about what kind of heroine Jepp was going to be. One of Queen Ursula’s Hawks, she has been part of the Twelve Kingdoms since the very beginning. The only thing we really knew about her was that she was a great scout out and really, really enjoyed having sex. Unfortunately for her, she jumped into bed with Harlan’s brother, Prince Kral, without understanding the consequences. In the Dasnarian culture, there is no such thing as a one night stand. Either you become a man’s wife, his concubine, or his bed slave; Jepp has no interest in being any of those things. Therefore, it was totally awkward when Kral found her in bed with another guy. Even more awkward than that, was when she was tapped to go back to his home country with him to be a spy for Ursula.

All of that is backstory. This book follows Jepp as she and Kral sail into Dasnaria and attempt to navigate this society that oppresses women in ways Jepp has never even imagined. For goodness sake’s, this culture doesn’t even let women wear shoes. And Jepp is this fiercely independent, firecracker of a woman. She is a fish out of water in every way possible.

Kral, meanwhile, is a complete product of his environment. He doesn’t know what to do with Jepp and her independent ways. But what is incontrovertible, the more time he spends with her, the less he can resist his feelings for her.

I have got to say that Jeffe Kennedy does such a great job painting Dasnaria so differently than other lands we have come to know before it in the series, like Ordung and Annfwn. Big props for her world building. Because I hated Dasnaria with as much fire as Jepp did. And yet it would’ve been so easy for this country to be one dimensional, and it wasn’t. The women had a latent kind of power. They understood more then the men believed. But wow, the seedy underbelly of this society was horrifying.

The Deyrr are back. You may remember the priestess who raised the undead back in Ursula’s book. Dasnaria is the seat of their power and the high priestess has joined forces with Glorianna’s high priest that Ami banished back in book two. So many threads are tied together here. This is not a book for a new reader to jump in, but rather a continuation of previous stories.

As with all of the previous books, I enjoyed this one. I did struggle a little with all of the dominance that Kral called tried to force on Jepp early on. At the same time, while I understand Jepp is a free spirit, and I respect the heck out of her strengths, she was very impetuous and did not always show a lot of maturity. Much like Kral improved, so too did she as the story went on. I cringed through reading about much of Dasnarian culture, but I guess that was the point. Meanwhile, the writing was great and I am hooked on this series. Will definitely keep reading for Zenya’s story.

Rating: B

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The Edge of the Blade
by Jeffe Kennedy
Release Date: December 27, 2016
Publisher: Kensington


  1. I really loved this book too. Jeffe Kennedy quickly became a favorite author of mine. I really love her work. I’m glad you continue to enjoy this series.

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