Review: The Forbidden Billionaire by JS Scott

Reviewed by Shelly

I didn’t like this, book 2, as much as the first one in ‘The Sinclair’ series. The writing felt rushed. It was little to no character development for Jared, our hero. Mara seem to get all of the good stuff but even that felt flat.

And I’m not really sure why but for some reason the vulgarity in this installment didn’t work for me; same thing happened in book 1 but I forgave it because the hero is a cop. It came off as last minute editing for shock value. I’m sure some brain trust decided to go in and take out the less vulgar curse words and drop in f*ck. It didn’t feel right. I also got the impression that they replaced ‘make love’ with ‘f*ck’. Mara did NOT seem like the f-bomb kind of girl.

Sometimes, I must remind myself that this is storytelling and words do matter. That’s why for me the flow felt really choppy. I felt like I got yanked out of the story every time words that seem out of character were used. I sometimes wonder why we, the audience, are so accepting of those words that debase the overall quality of what could be a lovely, simple, sweet story. But I digress.

The title of this story tells me on every single page that this is about a billionaire. So why do I have to reminded multiple times that Jared and his family are billionaires? Each of them separately. I get it. I get that they’re just like everyone else. I get it.

Mara is a petite, curvy, and completely Jared’s ‘new’ type. I could get into the logistics of being both curvy and petite but I won’t. She’s lived on the island of Amesport her entire life. However, since her mother’s passing a year prior, Mara now runs the doll-making floundering store. She’s a bit lonely but stays busy with the perishables that she makes. It’s how she keeps afloat. She’s also a bit shy with the guys. But she’s got an ever expanding group of friends in Sara, Emily, Hope, Tessa, and Randi.

Jared is the architect-real estate guy in his family. He’s interested in both Mara and her business. Mara is shocked to learn that Jared, the billionaire playboy, is interested in her. Over a short time, Jared learns of Mara true passion both in and out the bedroom and comes to the rescue and helps her with both.

I expected more story from book 2. Instead this reads like a regurgitation of book 1. The characters are too much alike. The scenarios for their personal experiences are too similar. The scenes are too close in tone. The most glaring one being how Mara ended up living with Jared and Sarah ended up living with Dante.

There’s a tad bit of action but nothing that stands out making this one just meh. My favorite character was oldest bro, Evan.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: C-

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The Forbidden Billionaire
by J. S. Scott
Release Date: July 28, 2015
Publisher: Montlake Romance

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