Review: The Pages of the Mind by Jeffe Kennedy

Reviewed by Jen

I wasn’t sure how much this spinoff trilogy to the Twelve Kingdoms would tie into the original books or if I would enjoy them as much without the focus on the original sisters. I’m happy to report that while this book clearly kicks off a new arc, it feels very much like a continuation of the original installments. Not only that, Ursula has an important part to play here. After all, the heroine of this story is Dafne, her closest friend and advisor.

Jeffe Kennedy does a good job making the transition smooth. The first third of this book is all about Dafne still serving Ursula and helping her navigate through the early days of her rule. We don’t even meet the hero for several chapters. But it’s ok, because once we do, this is a romance, through and through.

The story begins with Harlan’s brother, Kral, and a troop of Dasnarian soldiers marching on Ordnung. Dafne helps mediate between him and Ursula, but is ultimately tapped for a diplomatic mission in Ursula’s name. She must travel with Kral’s men (along with Jepp and Zynda) –first to an island that has been affected by the changing magical barrier around Annfwn, and then back to Dasnaria to ferret out what’s going on with Deyrr, the cult that sent Illyria to seek out the Star. She never gets further than the first part of her mission.

When Dafne arrives on the island, the king, Nakoa, is instantly taken with her and spirits her away to a ceremony she doesn’t understand. She doesn’t speak the language of his people and they don’t speak hers. But as Jepp points out, the language of the body is universal. Dafne feels an attraction for Nakoa she’s never felt for anyone else. But will falling for him betray her allegiance to the high queen?

I really enjoyed this book. My hat is off to Kennedy who paints such a strong, patient, and loving hero with a language barrier that persists for half their relationship. Nakoa conveys so much in his actions and short phrases. I love how devoted he was to Dafne, how he courted her mind as well as her body, and how he wanted her to give herself freely (even if it was to his detriment to wait.)

Dafne, meanwhile, manages to be both cerebral and emotionally engaging. She’s just so smart, but innocent in the ways of love. It was awesome seeing her come alive (emotionally) with Nakoa. They have such an undeniable connection. I really just loved everything about it.

Oh yeah… there are also dragons.

I’m really looking forward to Jepp’s book. She is such a sexually liberated character. I can’t wait to see how she conquers Harlan’s brother.

Rating: B+

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The Pages of the Mind
by Jeffe Kennedy
Release Date: May 31, 2016
Publisher: Kensington


  1. I’m glad you’re continuing to enjoy this series. It is a favorite of mine. I agree with you about the spinoff. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but I loved it too. Great review.

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