Review: Brooklynaire by Sarina Bowen

Reviewed by Joanna

I’ve been waiting (not all that) patiently for Nate and Becca’s story forever. Over the course of four books they’ve been in the background, him following her every move with adoring eyes. Her unknowing competence keeping him well managed. Becca has been Nate’s office manager for seven years, and never have they crossed the streams, but now, finally, things change.

Oh, before I dive in, this *is* a billionaire hero story, but he’s neither flash, mean, nor alpha. Phew, right? Nate is a happy, work-obsessed geek, whose favorite social mores are inventing palindromes and eating takeout food with his best friend Becca.

When he first hired her, his tech start-up was a small fish about to turn full whale. Then in the midst of inventing a ton of money-making technology, Nate also buys a hockey team. After an event Becca can’t for the life of her work out, Nate moves her from by his side to work for the team in the Brooklyn office. Hmm, can anyone think of a reason he might not want her around?

For a while, they hardly see one another, and neither are happy.

In the present day, down at the hockey rink, Becca sustains a nasty head injury while walking over the ice. She’s signed off work and Nate visits her. While there, he witnesses her noisy household as her sister, sister’s boyfriend and teething toddler all live in her 2-bed, and he can’t bear to see his Becca suffer.

Sensitive and caring Nate takes charge and moves Becca to his 6-bed mansion for some lovely looking after. But Becca isn’t the type to tip her hat at a guy and get swept off her feet. They’ve been friends for so long, and she witnessed his trauma after his fiancé cheated on him. She shut down her attraction to him years ago as he wasn’t available. Their first kiss takes a little while to get to, but when it does, WOW, as they certainly, um, go for it.

“Nate!” I squawk. “What the hell?” “Jesus,” Nate whispers. “I’m sorry?” “You should be!” I squeak. “You just broke the seal! We spent seven years not doing that! And now I know what it’s like.”

Becca has an issue with her and Nate’s very different statuses, as well as the disparity in their bank balances. She needn’t have such confidence worries, as she’s awesome, hardworking and lovely. Nate had his own problems, including with best friend, Alex, which was the only thing I wasn’t so comfortable with in this book. But as per Bowen’s style, there’s so little angst, the good storytelling carries you through. The love is gentle and warm, but oh so fulfilling, and the sex is smoking.

I tell you now, I won’t be able to look at inflatable pool toys the same way again.

Another genius little touch I wanted to highlight was Bingley, the virtual assistant/artificial intelligence Nate developed throughout the story.

“Bingley. Are there any new injury reports for the Dallas team or for Anaheim?” “One moment, sir… Yes. Simms will not be appearing in game one for Anaheim.” “Fuck.” “Sir?” “It’s an expression of displeasure. Ignore all fucks.” “Yes, sir.”

I’m not sure if this book ends the series or not; Bowen hasn’t ruled it out, but it certainly ended on a bang for me.

Rating: A

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by Sarina Bowen
Release Date: February 12, 2018


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