Review: Burn Bright by Patricia Briggs

Reviewed by Jen

There is something so special about this series. Yes, I love the Mercy Thompson books, but the dynamic between Charles and Anna puts the Alpha and Omega series over the top for me. If you’re not reading them, go back to the beginning and start now. You’ll be glad you did.

You really don’t even need to be up to date with the Mercy books, though the main events of Silence Fallen are addressed inasmuch as it references Bran’s trip to help Mercy out. It’s with his absence that Charles has been put in charge of the pack, a responsibility he accepts but doesn’t enjoy. As the story begins, he gets a desperate call from one of the Wildlings—the wolves on the fringe of the pack—asking for help. It turns out that someone has kidnapped one of the old ones and her mate needs the Marrok to get her back. Charles and Anna step in to mount a rescue.

In their efforts, they learn there’s a traitor in the pack and somehow the Wildlings are a target. So the couple must warn the fragile and fierce wolves to be on alert.

I loved meeting the Wildlings. They so very broken and still powerful in their own ways. It’s always a treat to see how alphas react to Anna and this was no exception. I also enjoyed spending more time with Asail… and as always, the love story between Anna and Charles was pitch perfect. I love how she sees these secret side of him no one else does and how she inspires such raw need and devotion in him.

This is also a peek behind the curtain of Leah’s character. And while that may not sound like a good thing, it actually is. No one likes Leah and previous books have given us plenty of reason to feel that way. But as the expression goes, we’re all the heroes of our own stories. Leah is not all bad. She’s not all good either, but there are things revealed about her character that definitely make her a little more sympathetic, both when it comes to her relationships with Mercy and with Bran.

There’s a great thread about dark magic that runs through the plot. The story moves fast with just the right blend of action and characterization. I basically just loved everything about it. I can’t wait for more Alpha and Omega stories to come.

Rating: A

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Burn Bright
by Patricia Briggs
Release Date: March 5, 2018
Publisher: Ace


  1. Danielle says:

    Fantastic! Can’t wait to read tomorrow.

  2. Great review. I loved it too. For whatever reason, I have a tough time keeping track of events from the Mercy books (even though I’ve read them all!) but that didn’t detract from this book at all. Love Anna and Charles. I just so dig Charles’ quiet humor that only she gets. And Brother Wolf is awesome. And I actually enjoyed the peak into Bran and Leah’s bond (but tbh I still hate Leah.) As soon as I finished, I started reading the Alpha and Omega series over again. These books are so special!

  3. Also I want Tag’s story! I need to know more about him. Unless she’s already given us one? Will investigate hmmmm

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