Review: Chance by Pearl Foxx

Reviewed by Jen

I will admit, I have a soft spot for cyborg heroes who are done well. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say I have a soft spot for cyborg heroes who are done a certain way. I like them ice cold. More machine than man. Almost unfeeling. Until that perfect woman comes along and makes him feel things he shouldn’t.

This book gave me that… a little bit. Chance has essentially sworn off women because he was rejected by his love for accepting machine parts. And he considers himself unlovable. I dig that. But the romance between him and Verity was way too easy here. We are talking about insta-lust, insta-action, and a whole lot of “mine” happening in a short period of time.

Let me back up.

The story is set in what is called Cin City, which is essentially a dumping ground for cyborgs and the dregs of society. Verity works as a waitress in a club which also stocks strippers, hookers, and underground death fights. Only she doesn’t know about the death fight part. Anyway, Verity is trying to start a new life after escaping from essentially a polygamist religious cult, and she will do almost anything to make it on her own. Chance is an employee at the club where she earns a living.

We hear a lot how dangerous Chance is. He killed a bunch of people in fights; I get it. But I was told a lot. About the danger, that is. I was also told a lot how innocent Verity is. Yet she gives up her virginity faster than you can say “you’re so wet for me.” All of the classics are there. Like him loving how responsive she is. Like some bitchy lady trying to make Verity insecure by claiming she had slept with Chance in the past. It just felt trite and like a mishmash of scripts from 100 other slightly erotic romances I have read before.

Verity goes from zero to “do me in an alley” in a heartbeat. She also goes from trusting and loving Chance to blaming him for a mess that she made herself and playing into his worst fears.

Basically, she steps into a terrible situation with her naivete and in his need to protect her, he sacrifices himself and she somehow blames him for it?? No.

I don’t know. I didn’t hate it but I can’t exactly say that I liked it either. I rolled my eyes more than once and finished the story feeling decidedly underwhelmed.

If you are a fan of cyborgs or good girls who have to do questionable things in order to survive, this might be your jam. There is a fair amount of sex and violence… and does deliver on the HEA.

Rating: C

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by Pearl Foxx
Release Date: March 15, 2018
Publisher: Fighting Monkey Press

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