Review: Claimed: A For Her Novel by Alexa Riley

Reviewed by Shelly

I’ve read the duo team of Alexa Riley before but I’ve read mainly the short smut writings. This one has heart. I found myself feeling for both Jordan and especially Jay. This is book 3 in Riley’s ‘For Her’ series and my first read in the series. As a stand alone, I missed nothing.

I get the feeling that this series is about obsession but with heart. Isn’t that the best kind? In this case, Jorden Chen, the IT wiz who knows more than computers, is jonesing over Jay Rose. Jay’s the secretary/right-hand/girl Friday to Mason Osbourne of Osbourne Corporation. Jay’s got a reputation around the office as the one you’ve got to get around if you want to the bossman. I liked Jay. I liked her a lot. She’s pleasantly self deprecating, unknowingly witty, and knows she can pass for cute but not pretty. What’s not to like?

Even with his obsessive compulsive unintentional alpha maleness, Jordan is a likable guy. There’s a fine line that Riley plays and somehow convinces me, through the words of Jay, that this is a good thing. It’s easy to see how this could go wrong, but Jordan never seems to cross that line of…hold on a second, is stalking the same as obsession? I’d say probably no, because the only time that Jordan keeps his eyes on Jay is while she’s at work. The line he doesn’t cross never stretches past those walls.

I thoroughly enjoyed Jay and Jordan as a couple. There’s a rare thing that happens between them, a slow burn. I really liked that. The romance was actually a romance. Things moved a smidgen fast, but reasonable for the direction of the story.

The inclusion of secondary characters to showcase the vulnerability of both Jay and Jordan was time well spent. Mason’s wife Mallory has a best friend who’s delightful and mischievous. Her inactions with Jay are laugh out loud moments and really brings Jay’s lack of friendships to light. There’s a bit to unpack there but it’s all well worth it.

As our couple’s romance advance and they get to know each other outside of work, the pace is steady but building. I was surprised at the how quickly I was reading even with such a simple storyline – boy likes girl, girl likes boy. No games. Even the I can see you from a mile away bad guy was enjoyable. The only complaint I have is the ‘little bird’ endearment – that doesn’t really role off the tongue. Okay, I have one more – from the stories I’ve read by this duo. They do seem to like the ‘tiny’ heroine and the big brute hero and this is no different.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B

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Claimed: A For Her Novel
by Alexa Riley
Release Date: March 27, 2018
Publisher: Carina Press

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