Review: Friends and Lovers: At Last by Denise Riley

Reviewed by Shelly

I’ve read another story by the same author. It was actually a very good story and was published more recently. Going by the publication date, this was prior to the story I actually enjoyed. I really did not like this story. For one, the heroine is a cheater. And by a cheater, I mean that she had sexual relations with the hero at a time when she had a boyfriend who was not the hero. I don’t like cheaters.

Jaylyn Marks and Dominick Reynolds have lived together for a number of years. They’re best friends and that friendship inspired them to buy a house together. During their time as best friends they’ve dated other people and had no problems. Maybe a spot of jealousy here and there but not anything to make them move forward with going from friends to lovers. One day, Dominick comes home to find Jay curled up in his bed weeping and mourning after finding out about the death of her favorite parent, Mr. B. Her dad.

That last paragraph alone should make me at least like this book. But Jay and Dominick sexing it up after her dad‘s death and then doing it again wasn’t cliche enough. It wasn’t until after the horizontal mambo that the reader finds out that Jay has a boyfriend. And worse for wear, she doesn’t tell the boyfriend or break up with the boyfriend for quite some time. But then again, in this book the timeframe jumps. We can find out everything that happens for couple days and then it jumps time. It was just a little bit over the map.

One of the other reasons I didn’t care for this book was the not minute amount of errors that could have been easily avoided. Missing words, misused words, articles, and syntax errors were aplenty. Here are a few.

‘She had looked over mother’s sad demeanor before leaving her to her own thoughts.’

‘With breakfast done, they two women split up to go get dressed.’

‘Jaylyn left a few strands free on each side if her face just so she would not look so severe.’

‘It was the most hand-holding Nick had participated in in a long while, but he didn’t mind.’

‘The stood that way for a while,…’

‘…when he and Mia had…’ her name is Mira

I could go on, but you get my drift. It’s not a long story so the editing on it shouldn’t have been too difficult. Then there’re the long paragraphs that made for not fun reading. Some of the dialogue, actual too much of the dialogue, was jammed into paragraphs. Those could have easily been broken up. The formatting for my kindle version was inconsistent. Overall the professional polished look was missing in this.

Remember I just said that this is a short story, this had too many separate storylines not focused on the main couple, Jay/Dominick. There was Jay/Mira – lots of teenaged bickering and name calling between these two. Jay/her parents especially her mother – there’s a whole ridiculous story line does zero for the plot. Jay/Austin – the boyfriend. I can only shake my head. Jay/Neil. Neil/Mira. It’s not like this is a novel; it’s less that 100 pages and there wasn’t enough time to not focus and develop the friends to lovers.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: D

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Friends and Lovers: At Last
by Denise Riley
Release Date: July 6, 2013

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